Design Diary:: Friday Favorites & Sneakpeeq

Hey everyone, I decided to do Lauren Conrad's Friday Favorites today.

Favorite Photo:

Favorite Idea:

Favorite Treat:
I haven't tried them yet but they look so yummy!

I also wanted to shart Sneakpeeq with you! Its an awesome website and it has different products with great deals on them! It kind of reminds me of hautelook but with a lot better prices! Plus you can earn rewards the more you are on it!

Sign up for Sneakpeeq here:

Sorry for the short post! I've been super busy today!


  1. The closet bed is so pretty and cozy. If only I had space for it in my bedroom hehe :P Love your blog!

    Silken Spirits

    1. I know! I wish I had a room like that to put a bed in!



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