Current Crush Thursdays

I couldn't really think of a theme for the current crush so I just decided to do a few random things I'm loving right now!

Favorite Beverage::
Tim Horton's Iced French Vanilla Cappuccino
It's so yummy! It sort of has a butterscotch taste to it and the coffee isn't very strong. Let me know if there is a drink like that at starbucks! I've only had non-Coffee drinks there.

Favorite Song::
Wakey!Wakey! - Dance So Good
Found thanks to One Tree Hill! Light Outside is another good one by them.

 Favorite Makeup Product::
L'oreal Magic Lumi Primer
I've been trying 3 different ways to apply this to see which way I like it the most. So far I like how it looks all three ways. When I first used this, I applied it under my foundation. I've also been testing out mixing it with my foundation and using it as a highlight over my foundation. I haven't tried using it without foundation. I'll probably test it out w/o foundation when I head up to our families cottage this weekend. I usually only wear a little makeup on my way up to the cottage and then I don't wear any once we get there. I can do a full review on this if anyone is interested.

 Check out Danielle's blog Framed Frosting to see her Current Crush this week!


  1. Thanks for linking up today Emily. First off, I hate you just a teeny tiny bit for putting Tim Hortons on here! I was born and raised in Canada and Timmy's is one of my guilty pleasures for sure! Their iced capps are soooo delicious.

    And if you're not a huge coffee drinker at Starbucks, you might try the white chocolate mocha sometime. It's my favorite and not too much coffeee!

    1. Haha, I live in Michigan so they are all over here! :) I just tried the iced capp a few weeks ago and now I'm hooked!
      I'll definitely have to try the white chocolate mocha next time I go to starbucks!

  2. Seriously...seeing that Tim Hortons picture makes me want to cry. Like, cry legitimate tears of sadness. I have moved to New Zealand for a year and I am missing Timmys SOSOSOSOSO muchhhhhh. It's literally the first thing I will have as soon as I get off the airplane home!!!

    1. I'm sorry! :( I would try to send you one but I don't think it would travel very well. Haha!
      How much longer will you be in New Zealand?



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