Design Diary:: Epic Fail & Google+ Hangout Tonight!

Well, hello there! It's been a while. 
I bet you missed me... well maybe not but I did miss blogging!

The last couple weeks I have had family visiting from North Carolina that I haven't seen in over a year! It's been so much fun catching up with them that I forgot about blogging! 

You'll start seeing me a lot more and I'll be back to my normal schedule. I'll also be doing a Google+ Hangout tonight with some other bloggers! You can have up to 10 people, so let me know if you are interested! I'm not sure if other people that aren't video chatting can watch people I've never done one before.

I also want to ask you about what I should do with my hair! Over a year ago I decided to start growing it out and now it's finally about as long as I wanted it but it's annoying me lately!

This one wouldn't be too much of a change, just a few inches off.

These ones are all more drastic changes!

I keep going back and forth with what I want to do. 
What do you think?

Design Diary:: Google+ Blogger Hangout?

I was riding in the car on my way to my cousin's house for the week and I started thinking, I should do a google+ hangout so I could meet some of the bloggers I have been emailing and commenting for the past few months. I think it would be a lot of fun plus it might help me cross off my 20 before 21 goal, make a blogger friend a real friend, before my 21st birthday. 

I know you can chat with 10 people at once, if you would be interested let me know. I'm thinking it will be sometime around June 28th-June 30th because I have family visiting me until then. Once we figure out who is all interested, we can figure out a time and stuff like that.

Also, just a warning I'm a little shy at first but I still should talk and if you ask me questions or talk directly to me I'll answer. I'm sure after a few minutes I'll start talking a lot more. :)

Let me know if you would be interested in doing something like this! If there are a lot of people interested, we can do more than one.

100 Followers Giveaway

 A few weeks ago, I reached 100 followers on my blog. I wanted to thank all of you for reading my blog. I really appreciate everyone that read my blog and all the comments.

Here are 4 different prizes with 4 winners!



Current Crush:: Nail Polish

I've always loved nail polish. I pretty much always have bright nail polish on my nails. I own all of these except the 2 China Glaze. I haven't found any China Glaze close to me but there is a new Ulta that just opened in the town I go to school so I'll have to try a few of them.

1. China Glaze Peachy Keen
2. Sonia Kashuk A Powerful Punch set
3. Essie Borrowed & Blue
4. Zoya Twila
5. Nicole by OPI OMB!
6. Essie Turqouise & Caicos
7. China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

What are your favorite nail polishes?

Design Diary:: DIY Shorts

So far today, I drove for the first time by myself. My littlest sister, Mallory has drivers training and I had to go pick her up. When I took drivers training, I just really didn't like or feel comfortable driving. I am a lot more comfortable now. At least I know I accomplished one thing on my 20 before 21 list. 

Other than that I have been trying on some jeans that are too small and turning them into shorts or capris. I plan on adding lace to a few of them. My grandma is visiting tomorrow from North Carolina and I'm hoping she will teach me how to use the sewing machine. I've always wanted to learn to sew. I'll make sure I post some pictures once I finish the shorts. I'm also thinking about getting some fabric dye & dyeing some of them too. 

Here are some of my favorite DIY short tutorials on Pinterest:

I don't really have any money so I am trying to think of different ways to remake some clothing. 
Do you have any fun DIYs you want to do to any of your old clothing?

DIY:: My Own Little Work Space

One thing I always missed when I came home for the summer was that I didn't have a desk in my room. One day I had the idea to turn a TV stand that my mom and dad used in our old house onto it's side and use that as a work area.

Here are some pictures of how it turned out.

It's not very fancy or exciting compared to some of the things you see on pinterest but I think it looks pretty good for not spending any money on it. I also made a chalkboard square left over from a an art project and turned it into a to do board. 

My work area is really helping me be more organized with my blog!

Current Crush:: Florals & Flowers

One thing I've been loving whenever I look at stores online are floral patterns & clothing with flowers. Here are some of my favorite things I found today on Modcloth that I wish I could buy! :)

Design Diary:: 20 before 21

Last week during the Secret Blogger Swap, I was looking at Megan's blog and I saw she did something called 20 before 21. Since I'll be 21 in August, I decided to do the same and see what I can accomplish in 2 months. 

1. Get my License (I passed the driving test, I just need to get the license. :)

2. Find a Summer job and a job for when school starts 

3. Find roommates for next year

4. Visit New York
 Magnolia's Bakery in New York

5. Start sketching and painting more often.

6. Comment more often on others' blogs

7. Go shopping in a Thrift Store

8. Have more than $100 in my bank account! (I'm so close to having no money in it)

9. Find clients to make cakes & invitations for

10. Start earning money for blog design (maybe just an etsy shop?)

11. Go on a Date (this one seems the least likely :/)

12. Get a Car

13. Keep a good schedule for blogging all summer

14.  Exercise at least 3 times a Week

15. Make a blog friend that becomes a real friend :)

16. Make 5 or more DIYs/Recipes found on Pinterest

17. Design a bolder & more unique blog design for my blog.

18. Wear less makeup besides special occations

19. Write to all of my favorite YouTubers with PO Boxes

20. Try new things

I'll be doing a follow up post sometime on or after my birthday on August 17th. Let me know if you have a list like this! I love reading them! 

Design Diary:: Memorial Weekend

Over Memorial weekend, I went up north to my families cottage. We have been going up there every since I can remember. It has always been one of my favorite places to go. It's been a little harder going up there since my uncle passed away, but we still have a lot of fun. It was his favorite place to be and he would have lived up there if he didn't have to work.

It's nothing fancy, but I love it up there. This picture wasn't taken this weekend but it's a picture og the cottage.

 Here is a beautiful picture of a sunset from last summer.

When we first got up there, we went swimming. Even though the water was freezing cold, we decided to go in. Then we spent the rest of the weekend lounging around, playing games (including a Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game and Little Big Planet 2). 

On Saturday, we somehow ended up starting to talk in British accents the whole day. I'm pretty sure we started annoying my sister, Alex after a while. Once you start talking in an accent, it's very hard to stop. I'm still doing it every once in a while. My accent isn't very good but it was a lot of fun. 

This is my cousin's dog, his name is Elwood (named after the Blues Brothers movies). Hes sitting there with his favorite toy up at the cottage, Hunchy. He's getting super old and I'm not sure how much longer he will be around. 

It was also my sister's 18th birthday on Sunday so we went out to eat to one of our favorite Italian restaurants. I always get the same thing, Chicken Parmesan. I would probably try other things but we usually only go once a year because it's a little expensive.

Today is the last day to enter A Night Owl's May Giveaway! Make sure you go enter, I'm giving away a custom blog banner!

Thanks for reading! :)


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