Allow me to rejuvenate the visual branding of your blog by transforming your workbooks, eBooks and other eProduct needs into a captivating product.


Are you constantly trying to create content upgrades that reflect your brand? Do you not have enough time in your day to design an eBook? Then I’m your girl! I’m so glad you’re here so that we can build your brand together!

I’m Emily, graphic design for bloggers and entrepreneurs is kinda my thing. Ok, it’s DEFINITELY my thing. I’m here to help your vision come to life online through my design assistant services! Allow me to join your team to design cultivating products that you’re proud to share with your audience. (If you want to know a little more about me as a human, check me out here.)

The Services

Like I mentioned before, I’m your girl if you’re looking for a design assistant! I’m here to help you create all your eProduct needs including things from workbooks, eBooks, webinar slideshows, checklist and all your other content upgrade needs. Let me take over the design work so that you can focus on doing what part of owning a business you love!



PDF Workbooks with fillable forms!


Any length eBooks! From 30 pages to 200!

Webinar Slideshows

Slideshows for all your Webinars!


Checklists & other content upgrade needs!


Always know what you’ll pay.




5 hours as your
design assistant.




12 Hours as your
Design Assistant




20 Hours as your
Design Assistant

You can learn more about our Terms of Service


Let’s talk about the nuts and bolts of getting your design from vision to install. It’s a pretty cool process, really.

Skype Call – This is where I get to know your vision intimately – it’s one of my favorite parts! The more detailed you are here, the more awesome we can infuse from the get-go, so make sure to spill all your ideas during the call. I can take notes, and we can even screenshare and walk through your current brand and style guide. Finally, we’ll end off with discussing our first project together! 

Choose Your Spa Day – This is where we will decide which level of commitment you’d like to make! Are you just going to dip your feet in for a quick Mani Pedi or stick around for a while and get a Deep Tissue Massage? Are we going to have an appointment once a month or just a one-time thing? It’s really up to you and the amount of projects you’ll have for me. I mean, you will have some extra time to write new content since the design will now be in my hands! Once the decision is made, I’ll send you an invoice along with a contract that covers what types of files you’ll receive and everything else you need to know!

First Project! – Now the real fun begins! Once you send the content and any images you’d like used, I’ll start working on our first project together! You’ll receive the first draft in the next 2-3 days and we can discuss any revisions you’d like to make! Now that you’re 100% happy with the final product, you’ll receive the PDF file in your inbox.

Rince & Repeat – Most likely, you’ll still have more time to spend with me after the first project and it’s time to move on to the next project! If the project isn’t for 2 weeks, then we’ll wait until then! Your hours will never expire, unlike your favorite binge show on Netflix. 

Testimonial – At this point after we’ve worked together for a while, I’d love for you to give a testimonial about our project for use on my website. I’ll also ask for your permission to include our projects created together in my portfolio!

And that’s how we do it here at Emily Finta Designs. So, let’s get started!

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