Allow me to rejuvenate the visual branding of your blog by transforming your workbooks, eBooks and other eProduct needs into a captivating product.

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About Emily

I’m Emily, a graphic designer from Michigan who recently moved to Tennessee for a change in scenery (let’s face it, it’s not as cold down here!) I love to binge on Netflix shows while creating unique designs and brands for lovely humans like you! I struggle with social anxiety and write about it here on my blog. I don’t let it stop me from chasing my dreams of travelling abroad and connecting with clients around the world.

If all that confident business jargon and peppy, energetic certainty in your plan doesn’t come naturally to you, this is the studio for you! While you’re pushing yourself to create your best brand, I’ll be pushing out of my comfort zone with Skype calls and semi-awkward webinars, periscopes, and things that challenge my social anxiety.

Recent Blog Posts

October Goals: Blog, Business & Life

Have you ever planned on getting back into blogging and then you realize it's been 2 months since you last posted and claimed you were coming back? Or is that just me? This time, I promise it's happening and to kick it all off I'm sharing my October goals. I've...

August Goals: Blog, Biz & Life

It's been a while since the I've posted a new blog post and before I get into my August goals I wanted to confess something to you. I considered just telling all of you that I've been super busy since I moved, but I wanted to be honest with you. It's been a struggle...

April Goals: Blog, Biz & Life

March ended up taking a little bit of a different direction than I had planned. If you couldn't already tell, I decided to switch my theme! It was a somewhat last minute decision, but I think it was exactly what I needed. I'm in love with how my website looks now,...



Design workbooks with fillable forms.

Landing Pages

Create landing pages for your next product or service!


 Build an eBook any length with hyperlinks,

Email Templates

Setup a template for your newsletter!

Webinar Slides

Create slideshows for your next webinar. 

Social media Images

Create images for you to share posts or quotes on social media.

Check Lists

Checklists to send out to your email list. 

Blog post graphics

Make all your blog post graphics so you can focus on writing the post.

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