1:: I’m super shy when you first meet me.
If I spend a lot of time with you I’ll open up quickly and become a little weird.
2:: I squeak occasionally
It’s basically a cross between a hiccup & a burp. The pitch of it changes too, it’s super duper high pitched sometimes and surprises me! I’m not really sure how I started doing it or why but I guess its a more girly way to burp?
3:: I want a dog named Burton Guster, Gus for short.
I’ve always wanted to get a puppy and watch it grow up. I had a dog when I was younger but she was older when we got her and ended up running away after a while (her name was Corky). 
4:: I have 2 sisters both younger than me
Alex is 19 as of yesterday and Mallory is 16.
5:: I am addicted to Dr. Pepper
I’m definitely going to miss it while I’m in Italy. Maybe it will break my addiction? Doubt it lol.
6:: I’m also addicted to YouTube
I mostly watch musicians and vloggers, and my mom thinks I am crazy for watching other peoples lives but I find it interesting.

7:: Frogs used to be my favorite animal
Once everyone I knew heard that I loved frogs I started getting anything with frogs on it to the point where I didn’t like them anymore. I still have a frog soap dispenser & tape dispenser.

8:: I’ve never broken a bone or gotten stitches
This is probably just because I never played any sports. I played volleyball for a year but that was it.
9:: I’ve never had a boyfriend
No first kiss, never got asked out, never been flirted with.
10:: And last but most important, I’m a Psych-o
Most of you probably do know this because I’ve mentioned it a lot but I thought I’d say it again! 🙂

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