Today, I’m finally sharing update on my 101 things in 1,001 days list! I’ve also decided to change a few things because they don’t really seem relevant to me anymore. I’ve only included the things that I’ve either been working on or have completed. I kinda forgot about this list for a while so I haven’t gotten as many done as I would have liked in 307 days  but I’ve at least completed a few things.

Blue = Things I Changed
3. Get a Job and apartment in New York – Lately I’ve been wondering if I really want to live in New York. I do know that I want to get an apartment on my own in a new town and get a new job (or freelance). 

4. Find my blogging tribe – IN PROGRESS – I’ve been participating in a lot of Twitter chats (at least when I can remember) and also joined a bunch of Facebook groups to get to know bloggers better. I’ve also been trying to comment on more blogs. 

5. Meet 10 bloggers in real life (2/10) – IN PROGRESS – Working on a Michigan blogger meetup! Emailing some bloggers to find interest in helping plan! If you are in Michigan and you’d like to help out or just attend let me know!

12. Attend a Blog Conference – IN RESEARCH PHASE – I’m not sure if this will happen this year but I’m trying to do some research on ones I’d like to attend. Moving out of my parents house is higher on my list right now so I’m saving up for that. I’m leaning towards Alt Summit, but it’s also an expensive one.

18. Watch 20 of the “Classic” movies I haven’t watched before (4/20) – So far I’ve watched Psycho, Carrie, Silence of the Lambs and American Psycho. If you have any suggestions for other classics I should watch please let me know!

27. Host  5 Girls Nights In (Go without Netflix for a month, not sure why I thought it was necessary) – I did one a while back and it was a lot of fun, only 2 people showed up but we had a blast.

28. Buy an item of clothing from/inspired by TV/YouTube/Blog – I fell in love with Chasing Life last month and April was wearing this really pretty sequin skirt. When I saw it was still available, I knew I had to get it. I found it through this awesome Worn On TV website!

29. Design a Full Magazine for Fun and Get it Printed (Go without Online Shopping for a month, Repeat)

34. Start an Etsy Shop for Premade Designs (Sponsor my all time favorite blogs, somewhat a repeat)

35. Get rid of clothes I never wear

36. Get rid of makeup I never wear

37. Find the perfect booties – I’ve always drooled over everything on Spool 72 so a while ago when I saw these booties, I knew I needed to get them. 

39. Make a Media Kit and Business Cards for my Blog (Dye my hair for the first time, don’t really have an interest in dyeing my hair anymore)

41. Get 101 design clients – IN PROGRESS (7/101) – Head on over to my portfolio page to see some of my recent examples.

50. Make 10 new Pinterest recipes (3/10) – I’ve made Panda Express Fried Rice Copycat, Roasted Garlic Shrimp, and Carmelitas

54. Go thrift shopping – Didn’t have any luck but I did go! I feel like it’s kinda typical of thrift shopping and was a little disappointing, but it was still a fun day.

56. Learn more about HTML and CSS – IN PROGRESS – I’ve definitely learned some, I was even able to help find a problem for someone and knew how to fix it. I still need to learn a lot though! 

60. Create a successful blog series/linkup – (SUMMER BOOK SWAP) It was just a one-time linkup but I did get to collaborate with my blog friend Tiffany and she introduced me to new bloggers who also hosted, Carly and Lauren.

61. Have a giveaway with a big prize on my blog – I did a giveaway one my blog for my birthday and although it wasn’t super big, but it was bigger than anything I’ve done before. 

69.  Learn How to Use SEO (Go on a cruise, Blogcation was canceled and I don’t have an interest in going on a cruise anymore)

70. Sponsor 101 different bloggers I love – IN PROGRESS (12/101)

74. Recreate Old Family Photos with my Sisters (Plan a Google+ Hangout w/ Blogcation roommates, canceled) 

75. Have a Google+ Hangout with Bloggers – I did one with 2 other bloggers, but I’d love to do them a little more often. I’d planned on once a month, but I never planned anymore. Maybe I’ll start doing them again soon. I’m just a terrible host!

82. Take a blogging class – COMPLETED – I took Feel Good Blogging which I’ve only gotten halfway through so far. I’m also taking another one right now too called Badass Babes. If you are interested in knowing which one I prefer, feel free to email me! 

88. Mentor a blogger – IN PROGRESS – I’m currently participating in Bigs and Littles Blogging Network and I’m the “Big” to one blogger. 

93. Find the perfect concealer – (It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer) At first, I hated this concealer because I was just applying it with my fingers and it looked super greasy and caked on. Once I started using my beauty blender, it worked amazingly. 

94. Learn to Walk in Heels (Attend IMATs)

98. Make a YouTube Video with a Blogger (Add contacts to my address book on my computer)

99. Rewatch Every Episode of Psych (Run a marathon/color run)


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