I have been putting this list together for two weeks and finally came up with 101 things! Some of them are completely random and were thought of while watching a show or youtube video, while others are on my bucket list and I thought I’d start making them happen. I’ll be updating this post as I complete them and writing posts if they are interesting enough to blog about. I honestly hadn’t heard of this until I read Kelly’s from Sparkles & Shoes and when I started running out of ideas (which was around 80) and googled it only to find it had been around for ever.

Start Date: April 21, 2014
End Date: January 16, 2017

  1. Come up with 101 things (Done April 21, 2014)
  2. Inspire someone to write their own list
  3. Get a Job & apartment in New York
  4. Find my blogging tribe
  5. Meet 10 bloggers in real life
  6. Go on a Contiki trip
  7. Go back to Italy
  8. Buy something at Carlos Bakery
  9. Launch a Floating Lantern
  10. Get/Rescue a puppy
  11. Go zip lining
  12. Attend a Blog Conference – IN PROGRESS
  13. Attend a YouTube Convention
  14. Get in shape
  15. Inspire someone
  16. Make a significant amount of money doing blog design
  17. Go to Harry Potter World
  18. Watch 20 of the “Classic” movies I haven’t watched before
  19. Go see a broadway play in New York
  20. Be in a relationship
  21. Go a month without doing Online Shopping
  22. Go on a road trip with friends
  23. Reach 1,000 followers on Bloglovin
  24. Get a manicure/pedicure
  25. See 10 of my my favorite artists/bands in concert
  26. Visit my BFF in Arkansas
  27. Go without Netflix for a month
  28. Buy an item of clothing from/inspired by TV/YouTube/Blog
  29. Go without shopping online for a month
  30. Try 10 new foods
  31. Get a desk and create my own workspace
  32. Organize/clean my room – IN PROGRESS
  33. Make YouTube videos (with me talking, Blogcation?)
  34. Sponsor my all time favorite blogs
  35. Get rid of clothes I never wear
  36. Get rid of makeup I never wear
  37. Find the perfect booties
  38. Read 5 books from Rory Gilmore’s reading list
  39. Dye my hair for the first time
  40. Blog on schedule for a month
  41. Get 101 design clients – IN PROGRESS (2/101)
  42. Have my makeup &/or hair professionally done
  43. Get a Photoshoot done for fun
  44. Get my first kiss
  45. Do 10 Pinterest crafts
  46. Be featured in a magazine
  47. Read the Harry Potter book (I’ve read 3/7)
  48. Have a weekly newsletter for my blog
  49. Learn to make true Italian Gelato
  50. Make 10 new Pinterest recipes
  51. Improve my written signature
  52. Drink the recommended amount of water for a month
  53. Swim with dolphins
  54. Go thrift shopping
  55. Send a care package to a blogger for no reason
  56. Learn more about HTML & CSS
  57. Add 10 pages to my Adventure Book
  58. Work with a Brand/Company I love
  59. Visit a place where Psych was filmed
  60. Create a successful blog series/linkup
  61. Have a giveaway with a big prize on my blog – IN PROGRESS
  62. Complete a full exercise program (30 shred, etc.)
  63. Schedule 101 blog posts at least 3 days ahead of time
  64. Buy a DSLR
  65. Learn calligraphy
  66. Buy dinner for my mom
  67. Buy dinner for my dad
  68. Make homemade noodles
  69. Go on a cruise – IN PROGRESS
  70. Sponsor 101 different bloggers I love – IN PROGRESS
  71. Post 101 DIY projects on my blog
  72. Post on my blog for 14 days straight
  73. Learn to design for WordPress
  74. Plan a Google+ Hangout with my Blogcation roommates 
  75. Have a Google+ Hangout with Bloggers
  76. Get an item sent to me for review
  77. Send drawings & letters to my favorite YouTubers PO Boxes
  78. Get a design consultation done for my room
  79. Go through old blog posts & improve them
  80. Find strawberry gelato in Michigan
  81. Go to a spa
  82. Take a blogging class
  83. Learn to speak Italian
  84. Go scuba diving
  85. Fly in a hot air balloon 
  86. Meet a celebrity
  87. Do something that scares me
  88. Mentor a blogger
  89. Make a full meal from scratch
  90. Wear red lipstick/lip stain
  91. Go shopping in New York City
  92. See Times Square
  93. Find the perfect concealer
  94. Attend IMATs
  95. Get rid of my love handles
  96. Reach the top 25 in Design on Bloglovin
  97. Have an empty inbox at night for a week
  98. Add contacts to my address book on my computer, add yours here!
  99. Run a marathon/color run
  100. Hold a baby chick
  101. Watch the sunrise/sunset on a beach

Have you created a 101 in 1,001 list before?
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