As of today I will be starting my first day of my last semester at my actual college! The other semester I’ll be in Italy. I’ve also decided to try to start a blogging every day. I’m going to schedule a certain time between classes where I’ll write each posts for the week. I decided to try out a new “series” where I’ll share anything I can think of and the number will depend on the date. First I’m going to share 14 of my favorite books and book series. I used to always hate reading in school probably just because of the books we had to read. Here are some of my favorite books!
1:: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
2:: What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen
3:: The Pretty Little Liars by Sarah Sheperd
4:: The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collens
5:: Lauren Conrad Style
6:: Secrets of my Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita
7:: Hello, Cupcake!
8:: Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: How to Find Your Perfect Look
9:: Blog Inc.
10:: Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
11:: Lauren Conrad Beauty
12:: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin
13:: Fight Club
14:: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
As you can tell, I really love Sarah Dessen’s books. I just get sucked in and can’t stop reading them. Plus a lot of the things she writes about are really relate-able, well minus the love part in pretty much all of them (someday I hope I’ll be able to relate to that part of them).
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