Hey everyone! I came up with an idea for a new series called Designed to Dream. All you do is just share one of your dreams. They can be silly, fun, or more serious. The first one will go up on August 3rd. If you want to host this with me let me know.
Here are the rules:
1. Follow all of your hosts and but the button in your post.
2. Follow and/or comment on some of the other bloggers linking up.
3. Share one of your dreams
4.Share how the dream started &/or explain the dream more
I also am going to start a series where I share some tips for starting college. When I was a freshman, I was super nervous about starting and it was really hard to find anything to help me feel better about it. I’ll probably share at least 10-20 tips each week until school starts. If you are in college already and have any tips feel free to email them to me!
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