1. Get my License

I can now officially drive by myself!! When I was 16 I just didn’t feel ready to drive but my mom and step-dad basically forced me into it and once I passed drivers training I just didn’t drive.

2. Find a Summer job and a job for when school starts 

I’ve been applying to places but I haven’t heard back from any of the places I applied to. It’s annoying because I’ve never had a job before and they want more expirience…how am I supposed to gain experience if no one will hire me. Update:: About an hour after I wrote this I got a phone call and I now have an interview on Monday! 🙂 I would love to hear any tips or read blog posts you have done about interviews! Like how to answer/prepare or what to wear. It’s a fashion store in an outlet mall.

3. Find roommates for next year

I still haven’t had luck finding a roommate but I ended up applying to live on campus and I’m on the waiting list for it. The annoying thing is my school doesn’t even have any of the room assignments on their website yet. I found out who my roommates were last year before the school year even ended. Fingers crossed!

4. Visit New York

I still haven’t gone to New York, I’m trying to talk my mom into going with me and having a girls trip. Well see if it happens! I might have to look and see if there is some kind of event or something so I could go by myself. Anyone know of anything? Haha.

5. Start sketching and painting more often.

This hasn’t happened yet. I haven’t even thought about it! :/

6. Comment more often on others’ blogs

I think I’ve done a lot better with commenting. I’ve been commenting a lot more but I still need to work on it.

7. Go shopping in a Thrift Store

I haven’t done this yet but I’m planning on going after I get home from the cottage. I think we are leaving on Friday sometime.

8. Have more than $100 in my bank account!

I got over 100 but now I’m back to having almost no money! 🙁
Stupid shopping addiction.

9. Find clients to make cakes & invitations for

Nope! 🙁

10. Start earning money for blog design

I have been working on this! I designed Bree’s storenvy shop: Breeze Creations. Make sure you go check it out. I’m currently working on Miranda Leigh’s blog design. Hopefully that will be done soon. I’m also going to start a Storenvy shop soon and sell blog designs maybe?

11. Go on a Date

I already know this one is not going to happen…

12. Get a Car

Probably wont happen…

13. Keep a good schedule for blogging all summer

My blogging schedule hasn’t been that good lately but I’m going to blog every weekday for the next 2 weeks to make up for it.

14.  Exercise at least 3 times a Week

I’ve been doing good at this except for now because I’m on vacation. I think it’s ok for me to take a break on vacation. I’ll probably walk everyday for the week just so I’m doing something.

15. Make a blog friend that becomes a real friend

I wouldn’t say this one is completely finished but I think if I keep up with the Google+ Blogger Hangouts, I think I’ll complete it. Once I get back home I think we should do another one!

16. Make 5 or more DIYs/Recipes found on Pinterest

I know I’ve done at least 4 things on pinterest. I’ll wait to share them with you until my birthday. Muhahahaha

17. Design a bolder & more unique blog design for my blog.

I decided not to completely redo my blog design, I think I’m just going to update it a little bit. I’ll probably work on it this week on days that are kinda crappy.

18. Wear less makeup besides special occations

I have been wearing makeup less. I usually just wear concealer and mascara when I go somewhere.

19. Write to all of my favorite YouTubers with PO Boxes

Another think I’ll be doing this week. 🙂

20. Try new things

I think I’ve done pretty good at this. I never would have thought about video chatting with bloggers when I first started blogging.

So I at least get 9 things on the list done. I think I’ll be able to get everything done except 2, 11, & 12 unfortunately.

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