1. Get my License 
 I’ve had my license almost all summer and I’m a lot more comfortable driving now. 🙂

2. Find a Summer job and a job for when school starts
I’ve had my job at J Crew since the end of July and I’ll be working on the weekends now that school has started. 
3. Find roommates for next year
I ended up living on-campus and I have three super nice roommates. I’m excited to get to know them more. I think it will definitely be a lot more fun and less boring as last year when my roommates wouldn’t talk to me.
4. Visit New York
I unfortunately didn’t get to go to New York but I may be planning a trip to meet Isabel from The Belle Diaries. So I’ll let you all know if we ended doing something like that.
5. Start sketching and painting more often.
I haven’t done a lot of sketching but I’m working on some sketches to send to my favorite YouTubers so I can cross of 2 things at once. They are turning out good except for the faces. I’ve always sucked at drawing them. Any tips?
6. Comment more often on others’ blogs
I commented on more blogs the first 2 months but August got a little crazy so I didn’t comment on as many blogs as I would have liked to. I have been at least reading all your blogs though!!
7. Go shopping in a Thrift Store
I didn’t really have time to do this. There is a Good Will near my college so I might just have to stop in and look around sometime. I don’t know if they’d have any nice clothes or not. Well see! 🙂
8. Have more than $100 in my bank account!
Although there isn’t more than $100 right now because I’ve been buying a lot of groceries and things for my dorm lately, I have been being good at saving my money. Well besides a little birthday spending, but I haven’t shopped in a long time so I think I deserved it. lol
9. Find clients to make cakes & invitations for
I didn’t get around to doing this!  🙁 The summer was a lot crazier than I expected. I think that’s how it usually goes though. Right?
10. Start earning money for blog design 
I haven’t actually made any money yet because my charger broke and I feel super bad that I still haven’t finished Miranda from All Things Lovely yet. I will get it finished soon though I promise!
11. Go on a Date
Didn’t Happen. 🙁 Hopefully soon.
12. Get a Car
I don’t have a car but I’ve been driving my mom’s old car. I wont be able to use it all the time. I don’t think my step dad realizes how important it is to have a car. 
13. Keep a good schedule for blogging all summer
I think I did pretty good with this. I missed a few days but I think that’s allowed.

14.  Exercise at least 3 times a Week
I did exercise a few times this summer. I probably shouldn’t cross it off but I’m going to so I feel better about myself.
15. Make a blog friend that becomes a real friend
I don’t know if any of my blogger friends would consider me a real friend but I definitely consider them one.

16. Make 5 or more DIYs/Recipes found on Pinterest
I did quite a few, I don’t have any pictures right now but I did the thing where you wrap your headphones and I tried removing nail polish by leaving cotton balls on them. I cant remember the other 3 things I did but I’ll let you know what they were once I remember.
17. Design a bolder & more unique blog design for my blog.
I haven’t finished my design but I’m working on it. hopefully it will be done soon. It’s not completely different but It’s a little bolder.
18. Wear less makeup besides special occations
I’ve mostly just been wearing concealer, translucent powder to get rid of shine, and mascara. I’ll probably keep doing this because I don’t think I need much more than that.
19. Write to all of my favorite YouTubers with PO Boxes
Non of the letters are completely finished mostly because I’m going to send a drawing along with them. They will hopefully be sent soon.
20. Try new things
I have been trying some new things, like talking to people I wouldn’t talk to normally, being more friendly to my roommates on Facebook before I met them, and trying a few new foods. 

Overall I got 14 out of 20 done. I think I did pretty good. 

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