I had a lot of fun putting together my 20 random thoughts last time I did one, so I thought I’d write another one! 

1. I love Supernatural! I’m currently on Season 6 and I just watched the episode where Sam & Dean are on a show called “Supernatural.” 
2. I also love being able to hook my computer up to my new TV.  My mom got my the TV for Christmas so now I can watch Netflix while I’m blogging and designing. I know most of you might think it’d make me not very productive but I’d be watching it anyways. I used to watch it in a nother tab and keep going back & forth and would end up just forgetting to blog.
3. That was gross, someone just got their head chopped off by a garage door on Supernatural. Bonus points if you know what episode I’m on now. (Hint: Bobby is suddenly “married” to Ellen.)

4. My new Alex Ikea drawer is amazing. So much better than my old plastic one, plus more drawers. Now to organize the rest of my room…
5. That moment you randomly stop blogging and paint an ornament. It had been on my desk since we put the Christmas tree up and I finally wanted to get rid of it. The tree just got taken down today so I figured it was probably time. 
6. Today was a super lazy Sunday. All I did was help my mom put together her Alex drawers and now I’m watching Supernatural & writing this post.
7. When watching YouTube vlogs, the only way to watch them is 1.5 speed. I just watched a 10 minute vlog in 6 minutes. 
8. A little over a week ago when I was sick I taped string to my light switch so I didn’t have to get out of bed when I was done reading. It stayed up there until Friday when I tweeted about it still being there even though my sickness was gone. It fell off that night and I kinda miss it. I seriously thought about taping it back up there. If you were wondering, I was reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. I really liked it, definitely ended different than I thought it would but it was still really good.
9. I have poked my mom on Facebook 537 times. She’s the only person I’ve ever poked. I wonder what the record for the most pokes is.
10. I really want to plan a meetup with other Michigan bloggers. Ever since I’ve read Madison’s post on planning one I’ve been trying to think of ideas. I think I might have to find another blogger to help plan with me.
11. When You check Bloglovin everyday, it makes it so much easier to go through your whole feed. For I while, I would go through it every 1-2 weeks and would have hundreds to go through and it would take forever.
12. Why aren’t Caramel Kisses available year round? They are so good! I had to stock up so that I could eat them for a little longer. The only bad thing is they are sitting in a bowl on my desk so I eat one whenever I sit here.
13. Surprisingly, I only have 4 tabs open on Google Chrome. I’m know to have at least 10 open at a time. If you are wondering what they are, my social anxiety post (because I still need to reply to comments), How to Get Serious About Blogging from byRegina, and How to Write Your Blog Manifesto from The Feisty House. Some people might just pin posts they want to read about blogging  (I still do that) but if I actually want to remember to read it, I’ll just leave the tab up until I do.
14. I’ve now moved onto The Fall on Netflix. I’ve watched the first season before but couldn’t really remember it so I’m rewatching before I watch season 2.
15. I just got 3 new books from Amazon. Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line – Not sure why I didn’t get this one sooner since I love Veronica Mars because I absolutely love it. #GirlBoss – Because I really want to get serious about blogging/designing and I’ve heard it’s really inspirational. Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown-Up – I’ve been subscribed to Grace on YouTube for a while now and I really didn’t know much about this book but decided to get it anyways. She’s super funny and I’m sure the book will be really good.
16. I’m addicted to Candy Crush Soda. At least until I get stuck on a level like I am now, then I stop playing for a couple days. I think I’m on level 120 right now…
17. I need to start using my weekly planner more. After typing this I spent 10 minutes planning things out and writing in my weekly notepad from Birchbox.
18. I always have a lot of fun planning posts/coming up with ideas. The problem is sticking to the schedule I have written down. 
19. I’m terrible at online dating. I never know what to say so I usually just end up not saying anything. 
20. It’s a lot harder than you think to come up with 20 random thoughts. I’ve been writing this for at least 3 hours, although that does include a lot of distractions. 


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