I basically didn’t have any ideas for my post today so I thought I’d try something new and just share the random thoughts that came to mind! Also this was started on Sunday night but I’m a failure and apparently forgot how to click publish!

1:: I seem to only be able to stay on top of 2 things at once, my job & currently all my design clients. Unless Netflix/TV counts then 3 things. 
2:: Scandal is amazing! Why didn’t I watch it sooner? At this rate I might even be caught up when it premieres on Thursday…
3:: It’s super creepy that there are just wholes in my mouth because of my wisdom teeth. Even creepier is what they do if you have dry sockets. I wont give you the details because it’s kinda gross.
4:: Why isn’t Dawson’s Creek on Netflix anymore? I just got hooked and tried to watch it only to find out it was gone. Was there even any warning?
5:: I cannot wait for Gilmore Girls to be on Netflix! 
6:: I think about Netflix way too much!
7:: How do bloggers with full-time jobs keep up with blogging regularly? I swear I start the week off good and by the end of the week I never get my posts done.
8:: There are so many emails in my inbox, every time I get close to responding to everyone, more come in and I’m back to the same number.
9:: I wish I had a friend that I could talk to about anything & everything. I just miss girl talk and being able to forget about everything for just a night.
10:: My phone battery sucks. Why did HTC decide it was necessary to build the battery into the phone so i couldn’t just buy a new one?
11:: Whenever I want to watch a movie on Netflix, I spend 2 hours watching trailers trying to pick one to watch.
12:: I guess I’ll just continue watching Scandal, nothing looks interesting enough to watch.
13:: I really want to go to a concert soon! I was supposed to go see Bastille with my cousins but were not going now. I’m dying to see them live!
14:: It’s 2 days later, I apparently forgot how to press the publish button. Epic Fail.
15:: I worked 8:45am to 11pm yesterday, that was fun…
16:: It’s now 3 days later, even bigger EPIC FAIL! I swear I’ll get the hang of this someday!
17:: I’m getting super excited about Jamberry! I’ve officially worn mine for 2 weeks with no issues. My first Jamicure lasted a week and that was only because I really wanted to try a different pattern. 
18:: I’ve almost already made back what I spent on the kit which means I definitely made an amazing decision. 
19:: It’s Big Brother finale night, I want Derrick to win sooo bad & Donny better take MVP! 
20:: Nooo Cody won the final round! He better take Derrick! 
And those are the random thoughts of Emily. Let e know what you think of these types of posts! Just something different I thought I’d try. 
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