I’ve never really been a very organized person. It’s one of those things I’m going to try and work on this year. I downloaded a free blog planner at some point last year and was super organized for a while and when I stopped using it I ended up not enjoying blogging as much. Its a lot more fun for me if I don’t have to what I’m going to write about that day, and I could plan ahead more. 
This year I decided to make my own with some of my favorite things from that planner and add a few things that would help me a lot. The first twelve pages are just a basic calendar which I basically just write my ideas for posts that month (You can see a preview of what you’ll be seeing on my blog this month 🙂 
Download link at the bottom of the post.

Then I have a page for a weekly planner, where I add some details/ideas that I don’t want to forget when I go to write that post.

 Thirdly, I have a check list of all the things I should do for my blog everyday. There’s a page with my daily goals as well as a blank page for your check list, if yours is different.

The last page is my statistics for that month, it’s blank for now because I’ll do them at the end of each month. I also want to write down my stats currently so I can compare them at the end of this year.
Bonus Page! 
I also decided to add a page in for all of my favorite bloggers or the bloggers I’d love to sponsor (I’m pretty sure those two things are the same thing but I’ll leave it in anyways). I want to start budgeting for my ad spaces since I now have an income and there are certain blogs I’ve been wanting to sponsor for a while now and don’t want to forget about in the future!
Let me know what you think of my blog planner! I’ll keep track of your suggestions and improve it for 2015, I’m probably thinking a little too far ahead. I hope all of us bloggers have an amazing year and that I can get to know all of you more.

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