I’ve watched so many different tv shows and movies, and it really doesn’t help my procrastinating. I could probably list a million different Tv Shows that I’ve watched on Netflix but I guess I’ll just stick to 21. They aren’t all going to be tv shows, I’ll through some movies in too. I just end up watching more tv, especially when I’m working on art projects and blog posts. Oddly enough, it helps me concentrate.
1. One Tree Hill :: 2. Heroes :: 3. Greek
4. Secret Circle :: 5. Hart of Dixie :: 6. Charmed
 7. Ugly Betty :: 8. Bag of Bones :: 9. Robin Hood (BBC)
10. The Killing :: 11. Tin Man :: 12. Harper’s Island
13. Wild Target :: 14. Listen to Your Heart :: 15. Lost
16. Troubled Waters :: 17. Love Surreal :: 18. Ghost Whisperer
19. Life Unexpected :: 20. Beauty & the Briefcase :: 21. Buffy/Angel
I hope you enjoy this post and check out my recommendations! Let me know if there are any other shows or movies I should watch on Netflix. My American Eagle Jeans post will finally be going up on Wednesday and I have my resolution in motion update for you tomorrow.
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