Today I decided to talk about the things that I miss because I’m a poor college student and some because I just don’t have time! 
1:: Going shopping
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Yes, I still shop every once in a while but it’s mostly for groceries. I’ve also gone into clothing stores and basically picked out all of the things that I wish I could buy! A lot of those things lately have been dresses and skirts (especially from Target and American Eagle!).

2:: Subscriptions

I miss getting Birchbox in the mail once a month! I always got so excited when I new one came in the mail but I unfortunately had to cancel because I don’t have a job anymore! Once I find a job after graduation I will definitely be signing up again. I was able to try high end make up and new brands that I couldn’t normally afford. I did the free week trial for hulu plus a while ago because one of the shows I watched was only available on plus (I had class when it was on so I had to miss it). It seems like almost every show you have to wait a week before you can watch it on hulu. I am impatient for certain shows and I want to watch them right after they are on.

3:: Seeing my Friends
I still see my friends every once in a while but not as often as I’d like. Especially since I know my best friend is moving in the summer so I’ll see her even less and who knows where I’ll end up finding a job! (Fingers crossed that it’s in New York or even Italy lol). She is also the only friend I see lately and the one I stay in touch with the most.

4:: Home cooked meals
Before college my mom and dad would both cook meals a lot. Now I have to budget and make my own meals. Some of them are pretty tasty but there are a lot of Spaghettios, Ramen Noodles, and Mac & Cheese in my pantry. Yes, those are yummy but you definitely get sick of those things a lot! I have been trying to get a lot of fresh fruits and veggies lately though. I absolutely love cucumbers, sugar snap peas, grapes, clementines and apples so that’s a perk of buying my own food.

There are a lot of things I miss because of college but I am really having fun! When I first started college, I thought about missing these things a lot but now that I’ve made friends I don’t think about it as much… well shopping for clothes is a different story lol. I miss that whenever I go into a clothing store but what college student doesn’t?

What are somethings you have been missing?

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