Hello Emily’s readers, I’m Areeba from I Have A Messy Bun blog. I’m a new college student, a lifestyle blogger and I love writing & poetry.

I’m a big fan of finding and trying new apps. No matter what kind of apps they are, from photo editing to sketchbook app or music app, if they’re good so I’m gonna give them a try. I found a few apps that were totally a game changer. So I am sharing them today with y’all guys 🙂

This is the BEST photo editing app I’ve ever come across. Almost all of the features are free but you can buy some more effects from the VSCO store. Their features and effects and tools can give your photo a totally new beauty. For photography lovers, VSCO is a must.
THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER! I’m a lazy person who usually doesn’t work hard on finding new music but 8tracks helped me find some really fun new songs and artists. You can search for music, they appear in a playlist and you need to hear one song to unlock the next song. But you still can skip one or two songs from the list. Finding new music was never this easy!
MY LAAV. There are like billion of free magazines on Issuu and they’re totally free. I’m a big fan of this app because everything that helps me in reading is my favorite. You can search for any type of magazine, upload your own magazine, follow others and get notifications when your favorite magazine uploads a new issue.
Art Flow
This is fun. Suddenly my tablet becomes a sketchbook and I’m playing with it. This app has the best features for a sketchbook so far. Their tools, shapes and options are really good.
Journey – Journal App

There are times when I can’t take my journal with me so this app becomes a life saver for me. Finest features and so easy to use. This is the only journaling app that I love because the rest of them don’t have good graphics.

What are your favorites apps?
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