Emily Finta - 6 Reasons I'm not Ready to Work For Myself

There are so many amazing bloggers that I look up to that have their blog and online businesses as their full-time jobs. I’ve been trying to figure out where I want to move and what I want to do with my life and although I would love to be an entrepreneur, I don’t think I’m ready for it just yet.  Once I work on these 6 things and get more comfortable with them, I think I’ll be ready to take that step but it’s going to be a while and take some work on my part.

1. I Need to Work On Breaking out of My Comfort Zone

I’ve been working really hard at trying to do things that scare me and if I work on my own I might break that cycle. I was just listening to the Make It Happen podcast with Regina Anaejionu where they were taking about fear and how all these things made them really nervous, but they did it anyways. The fear is what made them realize that what they were doing was amazing and worth doing. If it was something they didn’t care about then the fear wouldn’t be there.

I just got done with a coaching session with Jen Carrington, the creator of Make It Happen, and I was super nervous because I knew how much she was going to help me with my blog. I ACTUALLY SURVIVED THE SESSION and she was amazingly helpful. I can’t wait to continue working with her. It just shows that, yes things will make me nervous, but none of them will kill me or hurt me. The worst thing that can happen is that I embarrass myself and have to laugh about it later.

2. It Would be Even Harder to Meet People

I struggle with making friends and if I were to just move out on my own and into a new city, it would be even harder if I can’t make relationships in the workplace. It would also make it even more impossible to get into a relationship at some point. I’m not saying that I need to be in a relationship to be happy, but I don’t want to be alone forever.

3. I Might Never Leave My Apartment

With working on my own and Netflix, I wouldn’t really have to leave my apartment if I didn’t want to unless I ran out of food. I’m the type of person that doesn’t mind being on my own, but I do get to a point where I need interaction. Instead of trying to make friends I’d probably end up calling my mom and telling her how bored I am because it’s easier than trying to go out and meet someone.

4. I Need to Learn How to Manage My Time Better

If things need to get done and have a specific deadline, I’m going to get it done on-time, it’s more personal projects that I need to manage better. Right now, if I start writing a blog post I might get distracted and think of some other blog related thing that I wanted to do. I just end up putting my post to the side and working on some other thing I think is important and my post ends up getting written at the last minute. I would always try to write all my posts on Sundays, but I would also make a list of other blog things I wanted to get done and those would get done first. I was participating in #blisschat on Thursday and someone mention that maybe I should just focus on blog posts and nothing else on a certain day.

5. I Need To Learn More About Budgeting

I’m not saying that I struggle with money and just make all these compulsive purchases (although they do happen occasionally), I just don’t have a set budget for certain aspects of my life. For example, how much I’m going to invest in my business every month, how much I spend on gas each month or how much I’d need a month for groceries, rent, etc. Some of that is hard to plan out because I don’t know where I’m going to end up living and how much rent is going to be. I’m still living at home and I’m not sure how much I’d spend on groceries if it’s just me and I’m feeding myself every day.

6. I Still Haven’t Built Work Relationships

Most of the people I work with right now are older than me and even though I talk to them occasionally, I haven’t really made any friends through work. I’ve heard about so many people that have made these amazing connections with people at work and I still have to experience that.

arrowsFinal Thoughts

I know that working for yourself isn’t for everyone. I might not be ready for it at this moment, but it’s definitely where I want to end up. I would love to work for myself someday so I have the freedom to travel the world and create my own hours. I know that dreams change because I used to be dead set on living in New York. I still think it would be an amazing place to live but I’m just dreaming of living anywhere that I can find a job that I love. Instead of being set on a specific place, I’m dreaming of living in a place based on the job I get and the friends I could make from living there.

Have you ever thought about working for yourself? Are you already working for yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts on being an entrepreneur or what your career dreams are right now!
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