This week of guest posts is starting off with a couple poems written by Felecia. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


Hello, I’m Felecia from Hello Felecia. On of my favorite things, besides the Sound of Music and the favorite things song that is stuck in my head, is to write. Truthfully, I have a lot of poems I like, but more than reading the poetry of others I enjoy writing my own. I like going on adventures through stories from the big screen to the pages of a book. I would enjoy telling a story in whatever possible format I can, because I like to write.

The thing I enjoy most about writing is connecting with others through the sharing of a story, maybe even expressing in words what others are not sure how to say, or simply expressing an emotion everyone may feel at some point or another. There is so many adventures to be had through writing and reading. Here are two poems I would that showcase a little bit of that sense of adventure. Enjoy!

This poem was inspired by a photo of a purple chair.  
Purple Chair (Rondeau) by Felecia Efriann
In the purple chair, upon pa’s lap / Within the corner of my room. / We had adventures off the map / From the forest to the lagoon. //
Adventures of pirates setting traps, / And journeys to the moon. / Saw princesses, in vine-wrapped / Towers, and witches on brooms, / In the purple chair, upon pa’s lap. //
There were gunfights at high noon, / Camping trips, and treasure maps, / Within the corner of my room, / In the purple chair, upon pa’s lap. //
One fact about me, I have this desire to rebuild a classic car from the raw frame one day. The only thing that would be truly different about it would be its insides, I would want to customize it a little make it an electric or hybrid car. The only thing that could be nice to know, is I sometimes have a controllable desire to drive recklessly and be a speeder of sorts treating the road like a race track. I will have you know for your peace of mind, I am a responsible driver and I resist the urge and tend to drive almost like a grandmother, but not my late grandmother who had a lead foot that would make my heart race.

Speed-racer (a Sonnet) By Felecia Efriann
I am tossed around like someone lost at sea, / While the captain handles the car, / Through obstacles of plastics we foresee, / Our sleek corvette cruiser will take us far, / The captain’s white knuckles clamp amain the steering wheel,/ I am content in chains by safety restraints, / Although our opponent is tight on our heel, / We will not yield to their merciless complaints, / The captain hits the gas as our light turns red, / Disaster met the captain’s side of our corvette, / Our ability to win the exclusive race is dead, / This is the day we will always regret, / Smooth in motion sailing on fumes, / Racing like the fast and furious danger always looms. //
These poems I originally wrote in 2011 for a college Creative Writing course. You can check out other things I have written, as well as past adventures on my blog. What are some of your favorite poems, stories, books? Have you ever written poetry just for fun? Be sure to connect with me on Instagram or Twitter.
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