The month is almost over so I decided to do another one of my favorite things this month. They will always just be random things that I’ve been loving.

Newest Netflix Addiction:: The 4400
Basically 4,400 people disappeared throughout different years and then reappeared without aging.


Amazon Prime Addiction:: Degrassi: The Next Generation
This was a show that I had always wanted to watch when I was younger but there was no way to start from the beginning back then. I’ve been watching all month and I’m already on season 5.

Favorite Way to Meet Bloggers:: Blogcation
I’m officially going! The only thing that would make it better would be if it wasn’t a year away. I’m excited to meet bloggers I’ve “known” for a while in person. Let me know if you are going!

Favorite Store:: The Rage
I found the store on Wanelo and all their clothes are super cute! If you are looking for some oversize sweaters they have some cute basic ones (I bought 2). I definitely think I’ll be getting a lot of clothes for Blogcation!

Favorite Instagram:: thedogist
It’s just an Instagram of dogs on the street but they are all super cute. I want a puppy so bad!

Favorite New Song:: The Fire by Kina Grannis
I just heard this song yesterday and I love it! She’s coming out with a new CD soon and I hope all the songs are as good as this one. She also posts a lot of amazing cover songs too!

What are a few of your favorite things right now? 

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