Since I went missing from the blog world for a few months, I decided to share some of the things I’ve been loving while I was gone. 

Favorite TV Shows

{image source} 1:: Haven – This show is becoming one of my favorites! It’s not far behind Psych, which if you been reading my blog for a while you know it’s my all time favorite (You should watch it)! Anyway it’s basically about a FBI agent that goes to Haven for a case and finds out that the people in the town have different supernatural powers. If you watch it, don’t say anything about the newest season, I haven’t watched it yet.
{source} 2:: Hart of Dixie – I’ve blogged about this show before but I just started the new season and every episode I’m reminded why I love it so much!

Favorite Drink
Dr. Pepper… Yes I have an addiction, I’ve 
tried to break it but it just doesn’t happen!


Favorite Blogger

I’ve been lover her blog lately, she has a great personality and I wish we were best friends! 

Favorite Music

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