Last Monday, I went to the Walk Off The Earth concert with my sister and 2 of our cousins. This was the second WOTE concert I’ve been to and I still think they put on the best concerts ever. The only opening act this year was a 19-year-old named Scott Helman and he said something that stood out to me since he was basically saying I was weird. He was going to play his song called Cry Cry Cry and said it goes out to anyone who’s been through a break up and if you haven’t been through one that was a little weird but the song still goes out to you.

Being someone who is 23 and still never been in a relationship the comment bothered me a little. I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by it and I still bought his CD and followed him on social media, but it made me think. Yes, I wish I would have been in some sort of relationship by now and that each birthday that passes I hope it’s the year that finally happens but I don’t consider myself weird because of this fact. There are a lot of other things that make me weird like the fact that I had a crush on Twister, a cartoon character from Rocket Power when I was younger.

Maybe if I didn’t have social anxiety I might consider this fact weird but since I can’t even think about talking to any males without getting nervous I don’t think it’s weird. Throughout high school and most of college, I just thought cute boys would magically appear and start talking to me and then we’d magically be in a relationship just like in the movies. Now that I’ve finally realized this isn’t going to happen, I’ve turned to online dating which still isn’t going too well but at least I know that I need to do something if I want it to happen.

It also made me wonder if any other guys that want to date me would get turned away because of it. I know what you are thinking, if I find the right guy it won’t matter. When you are a virgin at my age, what are they going to think when you haven’t been kissed either. Maybe from a guys’ perspective it would be considered weird. Although not according the a few of the girls on the Bachelor last year but I don’t think I’d want to listen to any of them on the subject. I guess we’ll have to wait until I get into a relationship to find out but until then I’ll be attempting (and mainly failing) at online dating.

This post is a little different than I usually do. I always thought I didn’t  really have anything exciting to blog about in the lifestyle category but if it’s something that makes me think, isn’t that part of my life too? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

What do you think? Am I Weird Because I’ve never been in a relationship?

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