This post was supposed to go up yesterday because the Needtobreathe concert got me way behind. The concert was amazing but I was up until 2:00am so I was exhausted all day Tuesday. Ben Rector (one of the opening acts along with Colony House & Drew Halcomb & The Neighbors) was also really good live, I found his music a while ago and didn’t know he was touring with them until after I got tickets. He did think it was a Sunday night instead of a Monday which was pretty funny especially when his drummer told him. Anyway, here are my favorites for the month! There are a little more this time around because I actually made a list of all the things I loved. Hurray for getting organized!


Orphan BlackĀ 

I was trying to find a show to binge watch and I finally just decided to watch this one on Amazon Prime. I’m pretty sure I watched both season in 4 days because it was so addicting. I had one of those weekends where no one was home and I did not have any motivation to go anywhere. I just happened to start watching right before the 3 season started too!


Something about Catfish is super interesting to me, I’ve been watching since the beginning, but I’ve been loving it lately. I can’t believe how many people can lie to someone about something for years. I feel like I’d feel super guilty after a while.

One Tree Hill

I started rewatching this and I’m falling in love with the show again! I watched it my sophomore year of college and there were certain parts of the storyline I forgot about so I don’t know exactly what’s coming up next. Also, I knew Dan Scott was the worst but I forgot how exactly terrible he was! I’m in the middle of season 2 right now and I’m not looking forward to a certain episode in season 3. I’m not going to say anything else just in case there is anyone that hasn’t watched yet & is planning on it! Hopefully, you know exactly what I’m talking about if you have!



Lone Ranger by Rachel PlattenĀ 
I absolutely loved Fight Song and this song is just as amazing! I can’t wait to hear more new songs by her soon.

Sing It All Away by Walk Off The Earth
Walk Off The Earth is one of my favorite bands and I am super pumped to go to the concert in a couple weeks. I pre-ordered their CD as soon as it was available and this song was an automatic download. The first time I listened to it I swore I’d heard it before and it turned out they’d played it at last years concert. It’s just a song you can’t help but sing and sway along with the song.


Looking For Alaska by John Green
I finally finished Looking For Alaska this month. I thought it was really good and I was not expecting what was going to happen when the countdown ended (It started out at 136 days before until the event happens)! John Green is awesome and I just started watching all the Vlog Brothers videos once I finished the book. Also, I cannot wait until the Paper Towns movie comes out!


Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens
I’ve been trying to get organized with my blog a lot lately so I’ve been using these pens a lot to make a schedule. I went through everything I have to do with blogging and gave them each a different color. I’m sure I’ll keep adjusting it until I get it right.
Rifle Paper Co. Jardin Weekly Desk Pad
Once I made my color-coded list I used it to make a weekly schedule (I’ve also been making color-coded to do lists). I think I’m going to just start doing my to do lists on here and not including times because I rarely stick to the time frames.


Urban Decay Deslick
This was kind of a random purchase and like most makeup purchases I make, it was inspired by beauty YouTubers. I’d been having trouble with getting my makeup to stay on. I’ve only used it 2-3 times so far because I keep forgetting about it but I like it so far.


But First, Coffee
I’ve been following Kallie’s blog for a while now and I’ve really been loving her videos lately! They are a really good quality, not over edited and she always comes up with great ideas for videos. Some of my favorite videos are the Battle of Maybelline mascara, Big Messy Curls, & How to get the Perfect Winged Liner.



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