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March ended up taking a little bit of a different direction than I had planned. If you couldn’t already tell, I decided to switch my theme! It was a somewhat last minute decision, but I think it was exactly what I needed. I’m in love with how my website looks now, especially the new Work with Me pages! For my April goals, I’ll be working a lot on my consistency, starting to break out into trying out different platforms and also continuing my job search.

April Goals

POST CONSISTENTLY – I created my editorial calendar for the month over the weekend and I need to start posting more consistently. I’ll be working on writing all my posts on Sundays and it would be awesome to get at least a week ahead.

SHARE NEWSLETTER WEEKLY – Another type of content that I’d like to stay consistent with! Now that I have a new direction, I’ll have to decide what types of emails I’ll be sending every week. All I know right now is that I want it to be more than just what I posted during the week. 

APPLY EVERYWHERE – I’m still keeping my fingers that I find a new job as soon as possible. I would love to have a new job before the end of the month! I’m going to continue to apply to as many places as possible. There is a certain job that I’m still waiting to hear back on and seriously hoping they give me a chance. I decided randomly to have a song for the week and in case I don’t get that job, the song is Smile & Keep Your Head Up by Us the Duo

WORK TOWARDS CREATING VIDEO CONTENT – I’ve always wanted to create YouTube videos and hop on the trend of webinars, but it’s something that I’ve always let my social anxiety take control of and make me believe I can’t do it. I’m not going to just say HEY! I’m going to do a webinar tomorrow and post a YouTube video every day. It’s something I’m going to have to start off slow and work my way up. I’m going to start off with creating SnapChat stories every once in a while, I won’t promise daily because it would be super repetitive right now. If you want to follow along my SnapChat is: eafinta! Just be aware: things are probably going to be super awkward! 

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START SHARING MORE ON INSTAGRAM – I’ve been wanting to post more frequently on Instagram for a while now and even though the guidelines are changing to make it harder to see your posts, it’s still something I want to create a plan for. 

LAUNCH NEW SERVICESDONE! I ended up deciding to change up my theme, so I ended up doing both at the same time! I’m super excited and happy with my new blog PLUS my new services!

CREATE A PLAN – STARTED! I basically went through the goals and plans I set up and redid them to fit my new direction. I still have to work on my marketing plan, but I’ll be working with someone on that very soon!

STICK TO MY TO DO LISTS – DONE! I definitely did a lot better at sticking with what I needed to do, especially while redoing my site last week. The biggest thing I learned is that you still need to be flexible. There were certain things that I decided to move around because other aspects of my blog were more important. For example, I decided to work on my opt-in this week and next week instead of letting it hold my site from being completed.

GO TO BED EARLIER – NOT DONE! My usual 12:30 bedtime still happened throughout the month. I’ll be continuing to work on going to sleep earlier. The problem isn’t really working, it’s more watching Netflix, YouTube or SnapChat stories after I finish working for the day. This will definitely be one of my April goals.

INCOME GOAL: 2 CLIENTS – NOT DONE! My services just launched on Saturday so this one hasn’t happened yet! Soon!

What goals did you set for the month of April? How did you do with your March goals? Let’s keep each other accountable!
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