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I don’t know about you, but the community is one of my favorite things about having a blog and online business. I’ve gathered up my favorite and most beneficial Facebook communities to share with you so you can hopefully make more connections and get help with growing your blog.

Blog + Biz BFFs

I’m probably the most active in Melyssa’s group because the post threads she shares are more than just sharing links to your blog posts every day. I’m not saying that groups like that are bad, but it’s nice to have a group that’s a little different occasionally. My favorite threads are the Mastermind Monday’s & Collaboration Threads. I’m working on starting a design/branding interview thread and I posted about it in the collab thread and already have interest before I’ve even shared it here. The mastermind threads are a place to ask for advice!

Web Appeal

This one is another community that I’m super active in. Allyssa has also come up with brilliant threads that she posts every day. Every Monday you can share your goals for the week and there are threads to get to know each other along with some blogging discussions. It’s also a lot smaller than most of the groups on the list so some threads are easier to follow.

The Blogging Elite

I might be a little bias about this group because I’m one of the four mods, but if you ever have a blog question it will always get answered. There are daily post threads & social media threads except it’s so much more than that. We have giveaways, monthly link-ups, occasional Twitter chats, box swaps & more! You’ll even get a shout out on your birthday and blogiversary.

The Creatives Corner

I’m pretty new to Julie’s group, but it already seems like an awesome community. As soon as you are added to the group, she welcomes you and any other new members. You will see threads like Motivational Monday, Resource Wednesday, BlogLady Boost & Creative Genius Friday (where you share something awesome that you accomplished during the week).

Evolve and Succeed’s INTERNET DOMINATION Club

When you are added to the group, you are asked what your favorite dinosaur is along with some questions about your blog. Hopefully, that will tell you about the vibe of the community. The introductory posts are the only threads that Halley does besides asking what you’re working on occasionally, so the best way to find connections is to ask and answer questions.

The Moxie Tribes

Vicky has created 2 different communities, The Moxie Girls & The Moxie Blogger. Moxie Girls is all about supporting each other and chasing your dreams together. Moxie Blogger is all about your blog and growing it together.

Savvy Business Owners

This group is all about supporting each other as business owners. I haven’t posted much in the group but all the posts I’ve read with questions were super helpful and I’m excited to be more active.

For Love + Money with Caitlin Bacher

For Love + Money is about the same as Savvy Business Owners, where you need to ask and answer questions in order for it to be beneficial for you. I also need to start getting more active in this group.

Uncaged Lifers

Becca’s description of the group is that everyone is there to be heard, seen, and supported. Once again, I haven’t been very active in the group, I’ve only crept on a few posts here and there.

The Spark Lounge

There is one huge difference between this group and the others that I included in this list. This community costs money ($99/yr or $10/month). The main thing you are paying for is all the resources that Alex has created and the community is an added bonus. Since it is paid, you will see a lot more interaction in the posts. Everyone in the group is super incredible and I’ve gotten so much support when I’ve posted. I might end up having to leave the group for a little while so that I can start saving up some money and get ready to hopefully move out soon (it has nothing to do with the community itself).

Do you have any favorite FB communities that I might have missed? What are your favorite parts of online communities?

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