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-I’m going to Italy!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
-got a job interview next week! Fingers crossed!
-Got my classes and a study abroad scholarship! 
Guess today is going to be better than I thought. 🙂 

2013 Goals 
 Blogging Goals
1:: Be consistent with posts and more organized. This means no more writing blog posts the night before in order to get a post up. I printed out a blog planner and I’ve been writing down all the post ideas and stuff like that. It’s in a 3 ring binder and I put the Daily & Weekly action plan into a plastic sleeve so I can erase them each week/day.

2:: Get to know more bloggers. I‘ve been commenting on blogs more often but they end up being the same ones each time. 

3:: Collaborate with other Bloggers or YouTubers. I’ve been wanting to do some link-up or switch blogs with someone for a day. I’m not really sure exactly.

4:: Make some vlogs. This will happen as soon as I get over my camera shyness. I really want to vlog in Italy when I go.

5:: Do more DIYs & Make up tutorials. Looking at my top blog posts I realized how many people love and want to read these types of posts.

Personal Goals
1:: Eat healthy & exercise. Yes, I know this is one that everyone says but I really want to work on this. Even if I don’t exercise everyday or eat healthy things all the time, I just want to take small steps and get into a routine.

2:: Move to or at least visit New York. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I’m obsessed with New York. I would love to get a job there!

3:: Be happier. I used to be super negative all the time and I’ve been starting to become more positive. I want to work on continuing to be positive  

What are your resolutions?
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