This post was supposed to go up on Saturday and I was supposed to be blogging for 14 days but unfortunately I got sick. It started on new years day, I just felt kinda icky all day. Then on Friday I went to work feeling icky and a cough started. I had this post almost finished but I didn’t want to publish a post that wasn’t completely finished yet just to complete something on my 101 in 1,001 list. I just don’t want to publish posts anymore that I’m not proud of and haven’t worked hard on. I’ve decided I need to work on my consistency in posting before I post for 14 days straight.
Anyway, on to the original post. It was going to be all my favorite things but all I could come up with was music, netflix, & youtube with my top memories. 

Best Memories
So I couldn’t really remember exactly what I did each month to do a whole post so I’m just going to share my favorite memories from 2014
1. Cousin Visit – The year started off with my cousins and aunt visiting from North Carolina. We don’t get to see them that often so it was nice to start the new year with them.
2. North Carolina Trip – In April, I gat to take a whole week off of work to go down to North Carolina with my family to visit my cousins again and see my grandma. There was a lot of laughter and games including the worlds longest Phase 10 game ever.
3. Took my Dad to a Tigers Game for Fathers Day – This was the first year I got my dad a bigger present and took him to a baseball game with his sister, one of my sister and me. It was a lot of fun and he was super impressed with the foldable spoons in the Dippin’ Dots containers.
4. Did the Ice Bucket Challenge – I got challenged by Tiffany from Endless Bliss and was just going to donate money but I told my sister I would do it with her if she got nominated. 
5. Wisdom Teeth – Probably one of the least exciting things from the year but at least I got to binge watch a lot of Netflix. I blogged about my experience here! One thing I didn’t mention in my blog was the fact that I got 2 dry sockets that I had to get “packed.”
6. Joined Jamberry – I’m so glad I joined Jamberry in 2014, it’s great having people support me. I haven’t done as awesome as I would have liked but it’s still been amazing.
7. Best Friend visited Michigan – I hadn’t seen my best friend in a year since she moved to Arkansas. Even though I only got to see her for a day, it was so much fun and like she never left. We spent the day bowling, playing mini golf and then talked in her car for 2 hours. 
8. First Huge Blog Investment (Feel Good Blogging) – I really wanted to get serious about blogging in 2015 so when I heard about this awesome opportunity with Alex Beadon I jumped at the chance. It’s basically a 6 week class but you can move at your own pace.
9. Went to My First Ugly Sweater Party – It was a lot of fun, we played a bunch of games with cotton balls which I sucked at all of them. They were still a lot of fun. 

These song’s weren’t necessarily released in 2014 but they are all songs I discovered in 2014! 

Like the songs I picked, I went though my recent activity on Netflix and picked my favorites I watched in 2014. Most of them are TV Shows because that’s what I watch the most. 
1. LA Complex – Decided to watch because I thought the guy in Mistle-Tones was cute and he was in this show. 
2. Supernatural – I started watching this before 2014 but I got addicted to it again this year. I’m currently on season six.
3. Bates Motel – I love this show and it’s based on Psycho. I hadn’t watched Psycho until after I started watching this show. 
4. Girl in Progress

5. The 4400 – Kind of a weird show but I love USA Network shows so I decided to watch it.
6. Dexter – Still not exactly hooked on this show. I still find it kinda creepy.
7. Haunter – A different type of horror movie where the ghost is being “haunted”
8. American Horror Story – I’ve been loving this show, I still like the first season the most. I haven’t been as interested in the newer seasons. 
9. Orange is the New Black – One I watched because everyone else was watching definitely not the most amazing show I’ve ever watched but it kept my interest.
10. Royal Pains – Another USA Network show that I love. Hopefully they wont cancel this one like they did with Psych & White Collar. 
11. The Killing – I loved the first seasons more than the later ones but it was a pretty good show. 
12. Beautiful People – I loved this show and was surprised it only lasted one season.

13. Scandal – I started watching this one during my wisdom tooth weekend and I’m loving it. I’m almost completely caught up.
14. Gilmore Girls – I’ve always loved this show and I had been wanting to re-watch every episode for a while when they announced it would be released on Netflix.
15. Camp Takota – This movie had a bunch of YouTubers in it and I had been wanting to watch it and it finally got released on Netflix. I was pretty impressed with it.
17. The Awakening – I used to hate scary movies but I’ve been getting into them lately and I loved this one.
18. Take Me Home – I loved this movie

I love basically all of the Lip Sync Battles with Jimmy Fallon but this is one of my favorites. 

Kristen Bell is amazing and in this video she does every part of Do You Want To Build a Snowman.

Don’t get me wrong, I love All About That Bass but I really love how she changed the lyrics.

This is short that has a bunch of Harry Potter inspired music and I thought it was really good.

Well that’s all my favorite for 2014, it’s not much but I didn’t want this post to be super long. What are some of your favorites from 2014?

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