Big Brother was always something that I watched with my dad, because it was one of his favorites. It was just a way we could bond with him during the summer. When I saw Libby’s tweet about starting a Big Brother Pool, I was automatically interested.

Here’s how Libby got into the show::
A few summers ago, two of our good friends introduced us to the show Big Brother. I had flipped through channels before and stopped to watch for a few minutes, but never really got hooked. When we sat down to watch the premiere a few years ago, we decided to place bets the first night on who would win. Turns out watching a show is way more fun when you have money on it! (But I guess that’s true for most things) Well, thanks to beginners luck and a total guess . . . I won!

Here’s what to Do:: 
So with the premier of this summer’s Big Brother happening last night and tonight, I thought it would be fun to get some of my blogging friends to join in! I’ve teamed up with Emily from Designs By Emily F to bring you this summer’s Big Brother Pool. Join us and pick your winner by Sunday at Noon and get entered in to win some cash. It’s only $5 to enter, and the winner will not only win the money, but you’ll also win a fun summer gift basket. If more than one person picks the winning house guest, I’ll split the prize!

Never watched Big Brother? Here’s how it works:: 
Starting last night, 16 houseguests moved in to a house where they will stay all summer until they get evicted. They will be put through challenges, votes, and a whole summer of activity, all while being filmed 24/7 and never leaving the Big Brother house. In the past few seasons, house guests are voted out of the house by fellow house guests, but they always allow the viewers to play a role, and with the new season, you never know what surprises they will throw at us! Even if you’ve never watched the show before, you can still join in on the fun. And who knows, maybe you’ll have beginners luck like I did!

The show will air on Sundays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, with Thursday being the big eviction day. Basically, on Thursdays you’ll find out if your pick is still in the game, or has been evicted from the house. Every summer, Big Brother comes up with new twists and game changing rules so we will really all be learning together! I will blog each week about who’s still left in the house and which bloggers are still in the running for the money. If you’re interested in joining us and want to get a better idea of who to choose, here is a sneak peak of the houseguests:

You can go online to or click this link to watch some of their intro videos or read their bios to learn more about them before you make your pick. Good luck & I hope you’ll join us!!

If you’re interested in joining us, just comment below with your houseguest pick by Sunday at Noon and I will send you an email with more information, including where to send your entry fee.

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