Pixlr :: This site is just like Photoshop but it’s free and you don’t have to download it. Photoshop is pretty expensive (especially if you aren’t a student) and this is a great alternative. You just have to create an account and thats mostly to just save them to your account if you aren’t finished.

These 2 sites are both for creating patterns that you could use for a background on your blog. They are all seamless so there wont be a line when it’s tiled. The first one is textures, you can add color to match your blog after you save it (I’ll explain it later)! The other site can be bolder depending on the colors you use. It also gives the option to add texture!

Now how you can add color to the texture!
 You are going to be working with the layers panel in both Photoshop & Pixlr.

1:: You are changing the blending modes. For photoshop you just click the panel thats circled & Pixlr you have to click the button on the very bottom left side and then the panel pops up.

2:: If the texture you picked is white/light, change the blending mode to multiply.

3::If it’s black/dark, change it to screen. (you can also click on all of them to get different effects, those modes just make them more subtle).

4:: Work with the texture on the top layer and the color you want is under it.

Photoshop Brushes
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Pugly Pixel TV
I wanted to start doing blog posts to help some of the newer bloggers and bloggers that want to learn to design/edit their blogs. If there’s anything you’d like to learn let me know and I’ll do a blog post on it or link you to a good one! Also, if you have any other resources you use let me know and I’ll add it to the post. Once I get back from Italy I’ll be adding a tab all about blogging resources.

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