Resources for Free (& paid) Fonts 
1:: Dafont
Dafont is definitely my favorite and not just because I have a font on it myself! 🙂
I thought I would explain a little about what the different uses/licenses mean incase you don’t know. I had no clue about these things until I took a typography class. 
Free for Personal Use:: This means that you can use it for a note or something you aren’t going to sell or get money from. You might be able to use it on your blog but make sure you read the document that comes with the font to see what they consider personal use. You can always email the designer and see if it’s okay to use and they may ask you to pay a couple dollars. There is also a button to donate to the author under the download button.
Donationware:: These fonts are free (Its what my font is under) and you have the option to donate to the designer. If you know you are going to use it a lot it might be something you want to do but it is optional.
Demo:: Demo fonts usually are missing certain letter &/or symbols and if you want the full font you usually have to go to another website to purchase it. This would be good if you like the font but aren’t really sure if it would work with what you are doing. 
Shareware:: A lot of these fonts are also kind of like a demo because you can only use it for a certain amount of time. 
Free:: And obviously free is free!

Whenever I am looking for fonts I always make sure I am only looking at free fonts. On dafont, you have to click more options and check the boxes (I circled them in the image).

I wish I could show you how to make your own fonts but unfortunately when I updated my computer to Mountain Lion the programs I used don’t work anymore! :/ Let me know if you have any blog design questions or tutorials you’d like to see. I have at least 2 other Blog Design Resource posts that will be going up in the next couple weeks. I’ll get working on posts that any of you might request once I get back from Italy.

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