I was recently talking to Mandi from Debonair Bandit and she was saying how she wanted to make a blog signature but didn’t have photoshop to make one. I decided to do a tutorial on it as she suggested. You don’t even need to download anything.
You can create an account and it lets you save your images so you can’t loose them.
2:: Click on Create a new image
3:: Choose the Size and Name of your image.
You don’t have to name it, but I made my image 300×150. Also, make sure you click on transparent!!! Especially if your blog post background isn’t white.
Before I go into how you actually start the signature, I’ll help explain some of the most important symbols you might need to use for your signature. If you have used Photoshop before, the symbols are pretty much the same. This is just for people that haven’t used it before. From Left to Right!
1:: Crop Tool – Pretty self-explanitory 
2. Move tool – This will let you move the type, shapes, etc. around.
3. Pencil – Lets you draw on the image. It can be pretty tricky to draw with a mouse
4:: Paint Tool – Same as pencil
5:: Eraser – If you really want to try and paint or draw something this will save you!
6:: Dump Paint – If you want to fill in the background, you can use this so it’s easier to see what you’ve created. When you do this, make sure you create a new layer. You can do this in the layers tab by clicking on the paper that looks folded
7:: Gradient – Creates Gradients
8:: Creates Shapes – Square, Circle, & Rounded Square
9:: Dropper Tool – If you want your type to be the same color as something already on the image you can use this to get the same color
10:: Text – Also self-explanitory
11:: Hand Tool – Lets you move around your image if you are zoomed in
12:: Zoom
4:: Add your Text
I just put a white background on it so it was easier to see. Just click on the A and then onto the image and a text box will pop up. You can type “Emily F” for example, find a font you like, change the color & size. If the text goes off of you image use the move tool to get it into the middle. Once you have that how you like it go back to the A and type “xoxo” or whatever other sign off you want to use. Then just delete the layer you put the white in (if you did this step) by clicking on that layer and then clicking the trash can.
Then all you have to do is save it to your computer and put it onto your blog posts. If you need help or have any questions, let me know and I’ll try to help! Also if you would like a fancier blog signature, I can make one for you for only $3. Just email me!
I hope this helped all of you! My first college tips post will go up tomorrow.
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