This is something I did when I first started blogging and I had a lot of fun with it. For some reason I decided to stop after a couple months. 

I never want it to be something that’s paid for in order to get in, just a monthly thing were bloggers can have fun and occasionally learn a few things. Because there is a 10 person limit, I might have to do a waiting list to make sure it’s not the same people every month. I am opening it up to my sponsors so they get first dibs if they want in.

September 10th @8:00pm EST

Google+ – Make sure you add me to your circle!

It will basically just be open to talking about anything & everything. I’ll probably put together some icebreaker questions just to make it a little less awkward! Then you just have to come up with some sort of question or topic to talk about. It could be anything you want to TV shows, makeup, fashion, blogging advice, etc. At some point in the future I’d love to do a YouTube tag type thing that could be posted to our blogs. 

Through email or comments!

Are you going to hangout with me? Don’t worry about being awkward, I know I definitely will be which is why I’ll be doing icebreaker questions! Also, I’ve been told my voice is very soft so be fair warned! 

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