You may have noticed there hasn’t been much passion behind my posts lately. So I’ve decided to take a blog break for a couple weeks! The blog wont be going untouched though! I’ll be having guest posts going up on the days I usually post, Mon-Wed-Fri. I’ve got this week covered but I’m still looking for some bloggers for next week (possibly the week after if I’m not inspired yet). All I ask is that they have something to do with my blog (entertainment, beauty, DIYs, lifestyle, etc.), email me if you are interested!
I’ll be taking my time off to:
-Get caught up on my blog designs, being uninspired to blog & trying to come with content has gotten me super behind.
-Learn more about blogging & where I want to go with my blog. If you have a blog tips Pinterest board let me know! 
-Sell Jamberry, this is something I’m super passionate about lately & probably another reason I’m behind on blogging/design work
-Watching Gilmore Girls because it’s just so good!
-Finally getting caught up on emails & making it up to people I’ve been slacking with.

Now I’m going to leave you with this amazing song I’m in love with! It’s super inspiring and the lyrics speak to me more than a song has in a long time. 

Please tweet or email me while I’m gone, I’ll definitely still be responding! I can’t wait to let you know what I learned and hopefully come back super inspired & organized!

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