Have you ever wondered if there was a blogger that had so much in common with you but had no way to find one? I had this random idea one day and instead of waiting for someone else to make it happen I decided to try it out myself!
How It Works
For you it’s simple, you just have to fill out the form! Then hopefully you’ll be paired up with someone you can talk to about everything.
Sign ups will go until Thursday the 14th, and I will try my best to get everyone paired up by the 21st depending on how many sign up. 
I’ll be pairing up everyone firstly by relationship status as well as age because it’s a little easier to relate to them sometimes. Being a single blogger, I love my mommy & married bloggers but sometimes I just want to talk to another single lady every once in a while! 
The Rules
1:: Fill Out the Form

2:: Grab a Button – Add a button you your sidebar! The more people that sign up the more likely I’ll be able to find someone that’s just like you!

3:: Share on Your Blog (Optional) – If you share on your blog and either tweet me (using the hashtag #bloggingsoulmate) or email me with the link & I’ll send you a promo code for 50% off my Good Friends ad space!

Anchor Me Bracelet
Necklace, Earring, and Bracelet from HELLO FELECIA
30$ Design Credit (Designs by Emily F)
Pink Pewter Headband (Bethany #5)
Hempz Lotion
Lavender body scrub sponge
Mint / Teal Essie Nail polish
Flat Iron Spray
Rimmel BB Cream
EOS Lip Balm AND Essie Nail Polish
25$ LUSH gift card

woah.. that’s a lot, right? Enter below and make sure to check the terms for more info!
*this isn’t international- sorry babes. 

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