Today I’m participating in a couple different Link Ups. I did both round 1 & 2 of the Blogmopolitan Quiz so I couldn’t stop now. Then while going through my Bloglovin feed I saw Sydney from  Sydney Luella did this awesome post about who she is because of a Link Up that Erika from Coming Up Roses created. I really loved the idea so I decided I’d link about for that too!

I had always struggled with who I was throughout high school and the start of college. I think blogging helped me figure it out a lot. Here’s what I came up with.

– Creative
– Shy
– Super Short 
– Beautiful, it took me a long time to realize this
– Super awkward around new people
– A Graphic Designer
– A Girl doesn’t like to party or drink alcohol
– Obsessed with Psych
– A Dreamer
– Watching Royal Pains
– Sick of having a messy room but have no motivation to clean it
– Determined to live in New York
– A Good Listener
– Starting to feel like I have no friends… I haven’t heard back from my BFF in Arkansas in months. I     
  have lots of blog friends though!
– Wishing I could make all my dreams come true
– Hoping I’ll finally get my first kiss soon
– In love with Italy… and Gelato, especially Strawberry
– Lucky to have a super close family, this includes Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. on both sides
– Super glad I decided to start a blog
– The girl that will curl my hair at 10:30pm (with no plans) just because I feel like it
– Still missing my Uncle, I never got to say goodbye
– Way more proud than I should be about owning every season (including the musical) of Psych
– Almost always cold but never wear sock if I don’t have to.
– In love with making & decorating cakes. I need an excuse to do it more often.

Did you fill out the Blogmopolitan Quiz? I’d love to read it! You should also link up with Erika!
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