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I’m super excited to share Paige Poppe‘s branding interview story this week! I’ve been following Paige for a while now and she’s one of the people that inspires me daily to follow my dreams. I loved reading about how her brand came to be and I hope you like her as much as I do!

How did you get started? What made you decide to start blogging?

While I was in architecture school and was painting as a hobby, I became interested in entrepreneurship, and started soaking in whatever I could learn in that realm and applied it to my art. I did have a just-for-fun fashion blog at the time, which was really valuable for me to learn how to take good photos, blog, and share on social media. However, this was never a business, and I didn’t realize how it would help me until later on in my journey as a creative entrepreneur. I started selling my work in the summer of 2014, and have been growing as an artist and refining my work ever since. I am now so grateful and proud to call art and design my career!


How did you find your voice and make it unique so your brand stands out?

First of all, thank you! I believe you should use your strengths to help find your brand voice. So if you want to highlight your photography for example, you could heavily include images and photographic elements. For me when I realized that my website could be artistic and I could use my talents as an artist to create website elements, it all started to click for me. I think we can sometimes look to other websites or businesses and want to use them as inspiration, but I think getting more in touch with myself and my style is what has helped me be unique in the online world.

Pick three words that describe your brand.

Passionate, vibrant, inspired.


How has your brand evolved over time?

Have you renamed your site, rebranded, redefined your focus, etc?

Yes, definitely! It took time and experience to realize that I should work under my own name, and have my website and branding all be under Paige Poppe. When I first decided to begin selling my art, I was primarily creating skateboard art. My business was named “Studio Skate” at this time, and before that I had a more personal blog to share my art and style, that wasn’t necessarily a business. I rebranded my blog at least twice, then created Studio Skate, and have rebranded twice since beginning My focus has changed each of those times, and while I believe it is important to evolve, I know I have finally arrived at a brand name and vibe that is the most me!

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What made you decide to rebrand?

I have really noticed a correlation between my art and my branding, and they evolve together. When I first started working under my own name, my website was very bold and I used a lot of red elements as both an accent and as the main color of my logo. At the time I was working mostly with acrylics and still creating a lot of skateboard paintings, which is definitely a statement medium and statement art form. As I became more drawn to watercolors in my work, I felt that I wanted my branding to be a little lighter and organic, and really showcase artistic elements throughout my branding, which is what you currently see on my website!


What was your favorite part/experience when developing your brand?

I love when it all starts to click and flow! I feel like once I hit that first “aha!” moment, the rest of the brand elements are smooth sailing. I also feel like each design decision gets so much easier, because I already have a framework created that I can follow.


What was your biggest struggle with developing your brand?

I have branding that I love, but I have to keep it in mind when I design anything new. The other day I ordered 1,000 new postcards, which I use as business cards, and looking back at the files I sent to get printed, I think I could have made some design changes that were more on brand. On one side of the postcards, pink is a really prevalent color, and I try to showcase a wider range of colors on my website because I create art using all of the colors. But at the end of the day, so what? I have pink postcards! Oh well! 🙂

Photo Credit: Minkmade

Photo Credit: Minkmade

What were your favorite resources while designing your brand?

It is really more of a tool than a resource, but Squarespace really helped creating great jumping off points for the websites I created. Having a template to begin with helped me visualize what type of design elements I needed to create such as a header, side bar image, or buttons.


What was the hardest part about designing for yourself?

Having the ability to change anything on my website or brand at any given moment is challenging, because it stalls you from making decisions. Especially creating a site on Squarespace, which is such a user-friendly platform, I was always able to change my site when I had a new idea. I learned to be decisive and move on, so that I’m not wasting too much time just clicking around on my website, when I could be creating new art or doing something more productive for my business!

Do you have any advice for anyone else that is designing their brand on their own?

I would suggest not being afraid to just try things out! I truly feel that the reason I have arrived at a brand and website that I love so much, and feels so me, is because I was willing to experiment. Putting perfection aside really helps so that you can design without fear, and see what works for you and appeals to your audience.
Paige Poppe

Paige Poppe


My name is Paige Poppe, and I am an artist residing in my native state of Arizona, living and working in Scottsdale. I create paintings in watercolor and acrylic mediums, and am most known for my desert landscape and botanical pieces. I use a ton of color, and love sharing my perspective as an artist! I’m 23 and graduated from architecture school in June of last year. While I was in architecture school, painting was my way of relaxing. I could take a break from my school work and the long hours in studio, but still do something creative. I often tell people that art is “the other side of my brain,” and it’s really true. Art is something I have always had to do, and can’t live without. I’m now lucky to call it my career!

I create original paintings, commissions, sell prints of my artwork, and also love creating hand painted logos and branding elements for my clients! Besides the artwork, I also really enjoy taking photos + creating videos of my work! I’m definitely not a photographer or videographer, but I love getting to play with other tools to share my artwork in a new way.

What was your favorite part of Paige’s interview? Who else’s branding interview would you like to read?
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