Emily Finta - Branding vs Design

I’ve started referring to some of my design packages as branding instead of design and I wanted to make sure that everyone knows what the difference is. Branding is part of the design, but it’s more than just about having a pretty blog. Your brand would consist of your design and how your clients or readers feel about your blog when they visit your site (Its a lot more than that, though). I also wanted to include what the difference was according to some other awesome bloggers & business owners because I love hearing about how others define it.

Through my branding services, I can make your brand look amazing and to get the feel you imagine across the internet. It’s then up to you to build it into a brand. If you just have a branded blog, but there’s no meaning or heart behind your brand, it’s not going to give off the feel you want it to.

I also created a really awesome branding guide/worksheet to help you make your brand even stronger! I’m really excited with how it turned out and I hope it helps you figure out your brand!


unnamed“Branding is what makes your brand unique, while design is the overall look. For example, let’s think about it in terms of a website. If two people use the same template or theme, what’s going to set them apart from each other? Their branding. Person A may use bright, bold colors with clean, crisp fonts, and bright photos. Person B may use muted colors, fonts with texture, and beautiful photos of landscapes. The design and layout of the website may be similar, but their branding and their copy are what will attract the different clients.”

Jessica Freeman is a graphic and web designer living in Atlanta, GA, helping entrepreneurs share their story. Whether you’re a one-person shop, or you’ve got a team – your brand is your livelihood – and it’s time to let you shine. – Jess Creatives


Strawburry17 Brand Study

I have watched Meghan aka Strawburry17 on YouTube since I started blogging, and about a year ago she rebranded her channel & started working on making her videos look more professional. I don’t watch her videos very often anymore because she’s geared a little more towards a younger audience than me, but ever since her rebrand I’ve been drooling over the design. Her branding spreads throughout her 3 YouTube channels & all over the internet. I love that each channel has the logo with slight changes & that she even does a special logo for Halloween every year.

Strawburry17 Logos

The first logo is for her main channel & is the logo featured on social media. Second is for her vlogging channel where just the color & name is changed to match that channels name, followed by the black & white logo for her gaming channel. During the month of Halloween, she uses the same shape for her logo except it’s changed into a pumpkin. Just looking at each of the 3 logos, you can tell it’s the same person even though they look very different.


Nora Conrad“Design is an integral part of branding, but it’s not the only piece. Design is how we put our brand into a visual or sometimes tangible thing. Our brand is compiled of more than a logo, it’s everything that went into building that logo. Branding is the passion behind the services and products, it’s the beliefs and ethics that surround the practice, and it’s the personality of the people who build it. Branding can change over time to grow with the company, but at it’s core – the brand of a company will always represent the owner’s initial ideas and dreams for the business.”
Nora Conrad is a productivity coach and process designer. I help business owners turn digital chaos into a simple streamlined process by designing focused workflows to keep their clients happy and their business simple. – Nora Conrad

Strawburry17 Branding

Here’s her branding featured on her website, colors changed to go with Halloween & the header features her schedule of videos going up with cute images that have the same feel as the logo. I also wanted to try something a little different than what I usually do for my call to action! From looking at the logos & website design and after watching one of her videos, I want to see what type of feel you get from Meghan’s branding! This is a completely different style than anything I would create and what a little more detailed than the clean look blogs are going towards. I just thought it would be a really good brand to go through because her personality almost shines through the brand!

Pick 3 words to describe the Strawburry17 brand. What type of audience do you think Meghan is reaching? Did you know what the difference between branding & design?

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