Emily Finta - Buisness Focus is Wrong For You

Lately, I’ve been struggling with keeping up with my blog and being excited about what I was doing. I was recently in a group hangout with Maya Elious and she asked me if I prefer doing web design or graphic design more. I always knew that I loved graphic design more, but I’d never really considered that I didn’t have to offer web design for an online design business. Although it seems super obvious now because I love designing magazines and laying out something on a page. Here are my top three reasons your business focus might not work for you.

You Keep Questioning Your Focus

During the beginning of last year, I had switched my blog over to WordPress and also decided to include more design tips. I was having trouble with coming up with ideas for posts because I couldn’t think of many ideas that related to web design. My mission statement was also nonexistent at the time and I’d never really taken the time to try to narrow my focus down. In the last few months, I have decided that I wanted to help bloggers transform their blog while they were making the transition to a business. I liked it, but I still kept questioning if that was really what I wanted to do through my website.

You’re Struggling to Come Up With Content

Since the beginning of the year, I have not been able to come up with as many blog post ideas. There were several days that I just decided not to post because of the ideas I did have, I wasn’t excited to write them.

You aren’t Passionate or Excited About What You’re Creating

It’s not much fun to write about something that you aren’t passionate or excited to write. I constantly procrastinated on writing posts by watching Netflix, YouTube or anything that wasn’t writing my post. I would end up writing it at the time that I should be going to bed so I wasn’t exausted at work the next day.

The Changes Coming to Emily Finta

The first few steps will be redefining my business focus to relate to graphic design as well as redefining my packages! If you check out my work with me page, all that is there is an image stating that the page is under construction. I already have some of the packages outlined and I’m really excited to share them all with you. After those main two things are done, I’ll be creating a plan with content ideas for posts & newsletters and figuring out the types of content I want to share on each platform. The last step will be coming up with a marketing plan and promoting my new services.

I haven’t been this excited about my blog in a while. I never hated blogging, but whenever I went to create content I wasn’t feeling as inspired as I should’ve been. I’m creating a business for myself, I should be inspired and excited about it everyday. I think this realization will get me back to that excitement and Maya Elious definitely has a lot to do with that! THANK YOU MAYA!


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