On Friday, I announced that I started a Challenge DIY link-up with Jessinia and today I’m going to share my completed t-shirt with you!  A while ago I bought some fabric dye at Joann Fabrics (violet and aqua) so I decided to use them to transform my shirt.
The first picture on the left is just the gradient effect I got with the two different colors. I was hoping it would come out more blueish but it just made a darker purple. I really love it though, just make sure if you do it you get 2 colors that would look good mixed! 🙂
Second picture is the blue dye in the sink, I moved the shirt up a little after 10 minutes to get an ombre look. And the third is just with the purple/violet dye. I barely left the very top in and then just moved it out every once in a while.
Make sure it you are doing it in a sink you have some bleach for when you are done. There was a line on the sink from the dye but after some scrubbing with bleach you couldn’t tell at all!
After the shirt dried completely, I decided to add some yellow fabric paint in triangle on the bottom. Your on my blog right now can’t you tell I love trianges? lol. I decided on yellow because they are complementary colors (it looks more orange than it actually is) and I’ve always liked them together.

If you have any ideas for future Challenge DIYs, fill out this form and you could be a co-host for a future link up. If you’d like to donate a prize for a future link-up, fill out this form and we will be in contact with you!

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