Guess who is 24 today? It still seems super crazy to me! I planned on doing my usual monthly favorites, but I really wanted to include a certain TV show I’m obsessed with right now and a few other things.

Emily Finta - Cuttent Favorites

PERISCOPE – I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of bloggers talking about Periscope lately and I’m just as obsessed. I’m not doing any broadcasts (maybe someday) but I love watching them. Some of my favorites right now are Paige Poppe, Alex Beadon, byRegina, Mariah Coz, & Courtney Johnston.

Emily Finta - FeedlyFEEDLY – I found out about Feedly during one of Regina’s Periscopes and I played around with it a little and loved it so much more than Bloglovin. It also helped me clean out my feed a little and follow my favorite blogs. If I’m not following you on Feedly, I’m still connected through social media and will read your posts there! My favorite way to view posts is through their cards view!

BUTTERFINGER PEANUT BUTTER CUPS – These things are amazing! I love the taste of Butterfingers, but I hate that they get stuck in your teeth. They still have the same taste as Butterfingers and so much better!

THEDEFRANCOFAM – You might have heard of Philip DeFranco before and they recently decided to start vlogging. He vlogs with his wife & their adorable baby Trey. He’s seriously one of the most adorable babies ever. Here’s the first vlog they posted!

MAKING LISTS – I’ve been making so many lists lately (online & offline), one for all the things I want to do with my blog, all my dream jobs, blog post ideas, and everything I need to do with my blog layout. I always write in my planner, but I get more things done if I make a list and cross it off if it’s done.

Emily Finta - iCloud Reminders
– This is basically just one of the ways I make lists and this one is my favorite right now. I basically create a new tab for everything I’m working on and things I’ll always be working on. I use blog layout for all the things I need to improve on my blog, blog content for all my blog post ideas, and general blog content is for everything else related to my blog like creating an action plan & inspiration board. I keep it open so that I have a reminder there every day because I don’t always sit at my desk to see those lists but I’m always on the computer while working on my blog.

MAKE IT HAPPEN – I bookmarked a bunch of podcasts a while ago and this month I finally started listening to one. I decided to start with Make It Happen by Jenny Purr and I’ve been loving it. I’ve only watched 4 episodes so far and they are all super helpful as well as the guests she’s had on! I read every one of the blogs that she’s had on and I can’t wait to listen to their episodes! UPDATE: It’s two weeks later and I’m on episode 11 with Maye Elious!

PARKS & RECREATION – This show is hilarious! There hasn’t been a single episode that I haven’t laughed in. Andy Dwyer is awesome and so is every other character. I’m halfway through season 5 right now and I’m seriously hoping that season 7 is online somewhere.

JENNY PURR – I’ve been doing coaching with Jen and she’s been super helpful and supportive! It’s so nice having someone to just talk to about my ideas and have someone rooting for my blog and design business. I cannot wait to see where my blog is once I’m done working with her.

KATE VOEGELE – I’ve been rewatching lately and so I’ve been loving Kate Voegele’s music again. Not that I ever stopped loving it, I’ve just become obsessed again. I’ve been listening to all 3 of her CDs & her newest EP because they are all amazing.

THE VERONICAS – I just recently bought their newest CD from last year and it’s so good. Another one I’ve been listening to nonstop. So far I’m loving Cold, Cruel, Mad Love & More Like Me!

JAGGED LITTLE PILL – I’ve heard this CD before but I just watched the last season of Glee & it made me start listening to it again! I’ve been listening to all three of these artists as I fall asleep.

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