One thing I’ve always miss when I was living in a dorm was having picture frames on my wall. I know they have those sticker ones that you can stick on a wall but they are like $20 for just one frame. On Sunday, I went to Joanns to get some different craft supplies. I didn’t have a list of anything that I knew I wanted to get so I just looked around. I walked by the framing section and they had some matt boards already cut in packs of 4. Then I had an idea, I could just get some of them for $6 and I could just use masking tape to tape them onto my dorm walls. 
Here is just a random picture I found on pinterest that I added to the frame so you could get the idea of how it would look. 
If you want a fancier frame, you could see if you know anyone that has a cricket type machine and get some vinyl to make your on frames.
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