Last week during the Secret Blogger Swap, I was looking at Megan’s blog and I saw she did something called 20 before 21. Since I’ll be 21 in August, I decided to do the same and see what I can accomplish in 2 months. 
1. Get my License (I passed the driving test, I just need to get the license. 🙂
2. Find a Summer job and a job for when school starts 
3. Find roommates for next year
4. Visit New York
 Magnolia’s Bakery in New York
5. Start sketching and painting more often.
6. Comment more often on others’ blogs
7. Go shopping in a Thrift Store
8. Have more than $100 in my bank account! (I’m so close to having no money in it)
9. Find clients to make cakes & invitations for
10. Start earning money for blog design (maybe just an etsy shop?)
11. Go on a Date (this one seems the least likely :/)
12. Get a Car
13. Keep a good schedule for blogging all summer
14.  Exercise at least 3 times a Week
15. Make a blog friend that becomes a real friend 🙂
16. Make 5 or more DIYs/Recipes found on Pinterest
17. Design a bolder & more unique blog design for my blog.
18. Wear less makeup besides special occations
19. Write to all of my favorite YouTubers with PO Boxes
20. Try new things
I’ll be doing a follow up post sometime on or after my birthday on August 17th. Let me know if you have a list like this! I love reading them! 
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