Hey everyone,
Things are finally winding down. I’m done with a lot of my art projects. I have 2 sculptures left to turn in tomorrow and then I have a Spanish exam. This school year went by really fast! I still can’t believe it’s almost summer! I haven’t had any luck with finding an internship for the summer unfortunately. I’m not sure what happened with the one internship, the guy never called me for the interview and I don’t have his number to try and get a hold of him. Sometimes I feel like there is a list somewhere telling everyone not to hire me. It guess that means I’ll have more time to work on blogging and designing for other bloggers. I’ll be figuring out my pricing for design services and I’ll start that soon. For all the people that entered my blog design giveaway I’ll be starting on them this week. I’ve also been looking into starting to use Design Crowd to do some of their contests & jobs. If you know any other sites that would help me earn money let me know! I really need to start saving money so I can visit New York this summer with my friend and also start saving for after I graduate college.

Today I have been watching YouTube videos and Netflix while I work on finishing one of my sculptures. One of them is completely done and the other one I just need to put oil paint on it. Later today I’ll be studying Spanish and starting to pack everything in my dorm. I’ll be going back home Wednesday morning after I pick up my pinhole portfolio. I’ll be sharing the photos for Wednesday’s blog! 🙂

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