I didn’t do much today except take pictures for some button designs and go to the movies to see The Vow with my mom and sister. It was my second time seeing the movie and I didn’t cry this time surprisingly. I’ve been crying or tearing up a lot at movies and tv shows lately, more than I used to. I’m not sure why but it doesn’t really bother me! 
I didn’t  really have very many good recent pictures of me so I decided to take some today while everyone was at school so no one would make fun of me! I only have two days left of spring break so I had to do it before I went back. It would be really awkward if my roommate walked into our dorm room and I was just taking a bunch of pictures of myself. We don’t really talk much because she has a boyfriend that is there all the time. I can’t wait to live with someone I actually like next year! I’m getting an apartment with my best friend from high school! We have been having so much fun going on pinterest and finding cool DIY projects to decorate the apartment! Here’s our pin board: http://pinterest.com/emilyfinta/for-the-apartment/
One of my favorite buttons from today:
Another thing I have been trying to do lately is to exercise more! I decided I needed to blog about it because I normally get into an exercise routine and then give up after three days. I figured if I blogged about it I would feel more guilty about giving up! If you don’t hear me mention exercising next week, please bother me about it! I need the encouragement! I have been using YouTube exercises lately! Here is one of my favorite ones: http://www.youtube.com/user/AmandaRussell 
I have been mixing these two videos:
6 Minute Abs of Steel
The Ultimate Hip, Bum, and Thighs Workout
 How was your week?
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