Hey all,
I saw an awesome hairstyle on YouTube today that I really wanted to test out. The channel is naturesknockout and they are a mom and daughter that use eco-friendly products to do make-up and fashion videos. Once I saw the curls that they created without using heat, I decided to test it out. I loved how natural they look in the pictures.
And that night I put all the ribbon in my hair, which took about an hour, and a half hour after I went to sleep all of the ribbon ended up on my floor and looked like this:

When I sleep, I always have to put my hair straight up onto my pillow so it’s not touching my face or my neck. It was really uncomfortable to sleep on, especially when I have enough trouble sleeping without them in.

So I still wanted to test the hair style out since it was the main part of my blog for today. This morning after I woke up and put the ribbon in again. Then I sprayed it hown with heat protecting spray and then used my diffuser to dry it. Yes, it defeats the purpose of the no-heat curls but oh well.

Me with the ribbons in:

I don’t have any make up on, so sorry if I look scary. Haha.

This is how it looked after I took the ribbons out, I decided to pin my bangs back.

I look super creepy in this one! Haha.

So let me know if you try this and have better luck than I did!

As all of you probably know, I have been looking for a job or internship for the summer since the beginning of the year. I still haven’t had any luck and now my mom and step-dad feel the need to give me all these chores to do around the house until I find one. It’s really starting to get annoying and I just want to find a job so I don’t have to do them anymore. I just hate that I can’t do anything to find a job except keep applying to places. I just hope I can find something so I can start saving money to get an apartment next year and so I can go to New York with my friend sometime this summer. 
I also still need to figure out where I’m going to live next year. I was planning on living with one of my friends in an apartment but she backed out. So now that it’s too late to live on campus, I need to find someone to live with. I guess at least I’ll be able to pick my roommate instead of getting stuck with crappy ones like every other year. 
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