Oh hey! Long time no see! Things have been super crazy since I have blog lately. All last week I was working on my assignment for animation. I literally stayed up till 3-4am almost every night. It was super stressful and the teacher only gave us a week to animate the whole alphabet. I’m super slow at animating things so it took forever. I’m definitely glad I’m done with it. Too bad I have one more assignment to do… at least we have a month to do it.
Also, I have been stressing about graduation. Not really because I’m graduating but because I am worried I wont find a job. I haven’t applied to many places yet because I don’t really have a portfolio put together yet.  It’s just soo hard plus I’m in a portfolio development class right now but the teacher isn’t really helping us very much. We have our identity system done and we spent half the semester on it so it looks nice. I just wish we could have spend more time figuring out what to do with the portfolio. 
Here’s my business card:
My teacher wanted the background to be white but I really like the purple version! What do you think?
 The back had my phone number and address on as well but I took it off for the blog. (That isn’t a real website yet! 😉 Also, I wanted them to go along with my blog design so that I have a cohesion for the employers I send my blog link to.
This is the header for my letter head:

On the resume I have the y going down to the bottom of the page (like on the business card)

A postcard:

This was something I made in high school with Sharpie and I edited it in Photoshop and Illustrator. I just think it’s really unique and would stand out when sent after an interview.

I’m trying to decide if I should change the fonts on my blog to match my identity package. I’ll try and keep you updated on the development portfolio if you are interested as well as the job searching.

Anyways I’m a little late with my 6 piece remix but here it is. I was having trouble with the picture quality, I’m not sure why. I took a bunch and this was the best one. I did it on self timer and it took sooner than i thought it would so I’m standing kind funny but hey it’ not blurry like the others.
I really love this dress and it was still super chilly so I decided to wear it with shorts. I think I ended up throwing a cardigan on by the end of the day. 
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