I’ve been looking for a dress to wear to my stepsisters wedding at the summer and I finally found one from Delias. It’s not very summery but I figured I could wear certain things to make it look good. I would love to hear what you suggest! I’ve never been good at accessorizing!
I’ll probably do an outfit post after the wedding so you can see how it looks and what I chose to wear with it. I really like it! The wedding is the day after my 21st birthday. I wont be getting drunk or anything. I’ve never really understood why people like to get drunk and party every weekend. I like to be able to remember my life and not forget a whole night. I’m not saying I’ll never drink alcohol, I just wont drink just to get drunk. 
I make the save the dates and I’m working on her invitations for the wedding right now. I also made my sister’s graduation open house invites! They turned out awesome. I wish I could show all of them to you but they have personal information on them and by the time I edit everything out you wont be able to see the designs. 
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