One thing I always wanted to do was to get into shape! When I was in high school I used to hate my body and I thought I was fat. I was never really that big, I just looked at my stomach and because it stuck out a little bit I hated it! I signed 17 magazine’s Peace Body Treaty hoping that just that would change how I felt about myself. I also started doing the workouts that were in Seventeen magazine every month but I would just give up after doing the workout twice or not exercise that day because I was sore from working out the day before. 
As I got older I started to hate my body less and started to want to just be in shape. I want to be able to go up steps without being out of breath and run for more than a few minutes. I tried different exercises again to find one I liked but I still would give up after two days! 
Last year I started watching YouTube videos more often and I found the Shaytards, I just watched their videos for entertainment. Then last summer Shay started doing a weight loss competition with some of his friends and started losing weight. He had been trying to lose weight for several years and it never stuck. Anyways this past week he ran a marathon and it really inspired me to start working more on my goals with weight and other things!
Here are before & after pictures of shay:
This week I got into a routine of exercising and today was the third day in a row of exercising! I finally made it past the second day and I will make sure I exercise everyday from now on! Being in shape has been one of my goals for a really long time and I feel like if I can finally get through this goal I can do anything I put my mind to! I would like to eventually make a printable of the exercises I’ve been doing that are taken from a bunch of different YouTube videos. I’ll also be making some Inspiring Poster printables for Friday’s Blog post! 
The last thing I want to share with you is the video of Shay running his marathon with some flashbacks (If you just want to see the marathon part of the video, skip to 13:11)
I was crying by the end of the video…haha
I will be updating you on my exercise in a few weeks to tell you how I’m doing with it! 🙂
Ps. I also wanted to thank Amy for giving a link to a blog with recipes:! They have really helped me with eating healthier! Make sure you check out Amy’s blog!
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