Hey guys,
Sorry for not posting yesterday, I haven’t been feeling the greatest lately. I had a DIY planned but I just didn’t feel like working on the instructions. I’ll be posting it on Friday. Tomorrow I have my first sponsor spotlight post! I hope everyone’s week so far has gone better than mine has. 
Here is a sneak peek photo from the DIY. Can you guess what I’m going to turn them into? 🙂
One thing I have been doing a lot of during the last few days is watching shows on Netflix. I thought I would share some of my favorite tv shows & movies on Netflix.
Tv Shows
1. One Tree Hill
2. Heroes
3. Harpers Island
4. Psych – My all time favorite show! I own every season on DVD!
5. Supernatural
6. Lost
7. 18 to Life
8. The Killing
9. Life Unexpected
10. Ugly Betty
11. Greek- I never watched it on Netflix but it’s one of my favorites!
1. Bag of Bones
2. Morning Glory
3. A Little Princess- I used to watch this one all the time with my mom when I was younger. It was nice to watch it again, it brought back memories!
4. Teen Spirit
As you can probably tell, I watch more Tv shows than movies. I usually watch shows while working on art projects and things like that. What are you favorites or recommendations for me?
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